How to Use Reiki to Heal

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How to Use Reiki to Heal

Over the last year, I’ve been learning more about emotional healing and energy healing modalities. There are SO MANY out there, and with good reason- we have to choose what resonates with us the most. Reiki was something that started to interest me earlier this year. I got a book about and it did a few sessions with someone, but felt like it wasn’t the right time for me. I recently reached out to a friend that offers distance Reiki, and have had such amazing results already that I wanted to share more about her and Reiki itself.

A few weeks ago I decided to write up a post about my emotional traumas that I’ve dealt with. I’ve done a lot of physical healing over the last few years, but not as much emotional healing. I finally decided to focus on that this year and it’s made a huge difference for me! It’s so crucial to work on all aspects of health- mind, body, and soul. You can read my main post about emotional healing here.

What is Reiki?

My friend Catherine is an amazing Reiki practitioner, and I have been so impressed with the 2 sessions I have had so far. She is doing distance Reiki for me so I just stay in the comfort of my own home while she sends the energy.

To explain Reiki, I’m going to take this right from her site since she explained it so perfectly:

“Reiki is a form of energy healing and deep relaxation using a hands-on, gentle energy technique.  Many cultures believe that there is a life force energy critical to our overall health and vitality.  When this energy flows freely, we are better able to allow the natural ability of the body to balance, detoxify and heal.  You do not have to consciously know what is blocking your energy flow for Reiki to work.  The energy will go where it is needed.

Reiki truly causes no harm because it is a positive, love-filled energy.  For thousands of years, cultures have recognized energy as a vital part of a person’s wellbeing: Qi (Chinese), Prana (Hindu), Miwi (Aboriginal), Pneuma (Greek) and Ruach (Hebrew) are just some of the terms used to describe this universal life force energy.”

With the distance Reiki, Catherine includes an angel reading, and let me tell you- what she sent me has been life changing. It has clarified so much for me in my own healing journey- whether I am on the right path, how my emotional traumas actually hurt me, and so much more. Her reading was so insightful, and knowing that the negative energies are finally clearing from my body has been so worth it.

You can check out Catherine’s services page here, or you can email her for more information at

You need a qualified Reiki practitioner too- it is not something that just anyone can do!

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