Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

How to Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

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How to Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

Nearly every day I hear from someone who is suffering with hair loss.  It is one of the most annoying side effects of hormonal imbalances and nutritional issues.  Some women just deal with losing a little but each day, but others deal with handfuls which can be tragic.

I personally dealt with hair loss after the birth of my son, which is something that is just “normal” in our society so I didn’t think much of it. But for over a year I dealt with clumps coming out, especially during hormonal shifts every 2 weeks. I just accepted it as a normal postpartum thing, until I started learning about mineral balancing.  Once I started on a mineral balancing program, I saw the hair loss slow down but it still would flare up during detox reactions. It was very closely related to how my liver was functioning!

Now I am at the point that my hair is completely back to normal. In fact, it is so thick again that I had to go get it cut and thinned out! I’ve managed to compile some tips that I’ve used or others have told me about in order to get that glorious hair back.


My Top Tips for Reversing Hair Loss Naturally

  1. Stomach acid Production! We need protein to keep our hair healthy, and he need stomach acid to digest protein. Things like apple cider vinegar, HCL, fermented foods, lemon, gelatin, and salt water sole are great for increasing stomach acid and aiding in the digestion of protein and other essential nutrients.  You can read my whole post on stomach acid here to find more information on its importance, or you can learn all of my tips and tricks on gut healing in this course.
  2. In addition to increasing stomach acid, we need more protein. Hair loss is very common for those in slow oxidation because they simply do not have the proper digestion to assimilate protein.  The easiest ways to add more digestible protein to the diet would be to add grass-fed gelatin, collagen,  or whey protein.  Gelatin is mostly known for its gut healing properties but it is also a great source of natural protein and amino acids. Whey protein helps you build muscle, lose fat, and helps your body create glutathione which is a very important antioxidant. Read my post on how to get more protein in your diet here.
  3. Hormonal Health: The most common issue that is associated with hair loss is an under-active thyroid. Many people chose to just focus on the thyroid when it comes to hormones but in truth we need to support the thyroid, adrenals, hypothalamus and the pituitary glands, as well as the liver, lymph and colon. I know, I know! That is a LOT to take care of. But there are many ways to address all of these, and each person might need a different path. My HTMA consults try to address all of this for each person.
  4. Beauty Products: This one should be easy. Look for hair care products that are all natural or organic, and preferably ones that do not use a lot of ingredients. We want to avoid things like parabens, sodium laural sulfates, and pretty much anything you can’t pronounce. This applies to shampoos, hair dyes, gels, and hairsprays especially.
  5. Other methods:This includes things like ginger hair masks, castor oil, coconut oil, or even olive oil. There are so many possibilities out there for natural hair treatments but you’ll never know what works for you until you try it. In the end, following the above steps will be your long-term goal in order to completely balance the body but using external means like these masks or soaks can help in the meantime.


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