How to Pick a Crystal for Yourself

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How to Pick a Crystal for Yourself

When it comes to picking crystals, intuition is key. One of the BEST things to do to truly tap into your innate intuition is to just pick a stone by looking at it. Look at the colors and the shapes. What sticks out to you most? Do you feel soothed or energized when looking at one crystal over another? Does one just look prettier? Or do you just have an intense pull towards one?

These questions matter! If you are working on tapping into your own intuition these questions can help in any situation, but they’re especially helpful if you’re hoping to pick a crystal that will help you most. And as you heal and shift you’ll find that you are drawn to different crystals!

I created this page for my Sassy Moonchild Crystal Shop to help you pick a crystal by intuition and sight so be sure to check it out!

I update it every time we get new crystals in the shop too. Pick a few that speak to you and click to read more about them and see if they fit your needs right now.

Of course, you can also just look through and read about each crystal as well. Read about what they are good for and what issues they can help with, and you should get a really good nudge on what you need right now. Check out the main store here.

My Experience with Crystals

For myself, I was drawn to 2 crystals at first: rose quartz and amethyst. So I got a few pieces of these and wore them for a few months. I started to learn more about intuition thanks to these 2 crystals and they helped me a lot in my life. I started trusting myself more, I was setting better boundaries, and they helped me to learn what I truly wanted in life.

As time went on I started to feel a pull towards other crystals. My next big one was moonstone. I got myself a pendant (actually, a friend gifted me some money and I bought it for myself! Otherwise I would not have likely spent the money on myself! It’s interesting how the universe works like that sometimes). With the moonstone, I felt like I really started to learn who I was and it helped me to tap into my traumas. I learned that I was still living in survival mode. The moonstone was amazing for helping me to recognize when I was acting out of trauma and habit, which helped me to shift. I learned my triggers and started to work on getting un-triggered.

It’s been 2 years since I really started loving crystals and I’m even more in tune with what I need at this point. As time goes on I also don’t feel the need to change my crystals as much. I have a decent collection of pendants and bracelets at this point. When I wake up in the morning I think about how I’m feeling and what I think I need, and I pick the pieces that suit me for that day. I ask myself- am I still tired? Do I feel anxious or ungrounded? Do I need peace? And I let this guide me to which ones I need. My moonstone is still my biggest main pendant that I wear most days. I have been switching my second pendant around most days- blue kyanite, amethyst, and fluorite are others that I love right now.

Why Crystals Work

I know that crystals seem so “new age” and many people are put off by that. I guess that is what my problem was at first too! But once I realized that crystals are basically little energy transmitters and literally *everything* is energy, it started to make more sense to me. You really do need an open mind, and I suppose it’s like everything else in life- some people are drawn to certain things, while others aren’t. There is some science behind a few of the main crystals out there too: think about the most common crystal- quartz! What do we know about crystal quartz? It’s used in watches and clocks, and even many other forms of technology.

Each stone has its own energy emission, and this is why we use different crystals for different reasons. Most crystals correlate with a specific chakra too so some do have similar healing properties. Intuition is huge when choosing crystals though! It’s really best to pick on that resonates with you or speaks to you, and not just pick one based on your symptoms or needs. The only ones that could be used like this are the ones for EMF protection since there really are just a few main ones for that.

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