How to Detox Candida without A Harsh Cleanse or Strict Diet

How to Detox Candida without A Harsh Cleanse or Strict Diet

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How to Detox Candida without A Harsh Cleanse or Strict Diet

What is Candida? Candida is a type of yeast infection that is commonly seen in humans. It usually affects the the mouth and gut, but is can also be an issue for women because it can colonize in the vagina. On nearly every natural health site these days you’ll see information about Candida. What is it, what diets are needed to control it, which anti-fungals to use, and the list goes on. The thing is, NONE of these sites are addressing the root cause about why Candida overgrowth is so common these days. I really want to show people how to detox candida without a harsh cleanse or strict diet.

I have seen many people over the years that were on low or no sugar diets for YEARS to control Candida and could never get rid of it. That is because many don’t know the real way to eradicate Candida and other similar issues. They only saw real relief when they worked on foundational care because Candida is a symptom of larger whole-body issue.

The most common symptoms of Candida include:

  • White coating on tongue
  • Brain fog, cognition issues
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic UTI and Vaginal Infections
  • Sinus congestion (chronic)
  • Gas
  • Very common in those with leaky gut, liver dysfunction, and adrenal fatigue
  • Very commonly found with other toxic issues like Lyme, EBV, heavy metals, and parasites


What is the Biggest Cause of Candida Infections?


The number one cause of Candida infection is a copper imbalance. You’ve likely seen everyone else say it’s only due to excess sugar in the diet. While excess sugar doesn’t help, that is NOT the root cause of candida.

I know what you might be thinking: REALLY?? A MINERAL IMBALANCE is behind this “epidemic” of candida overgrowth? No way!

I see copper imbalances in basically every single one of my HTMA clients- it is THAT common!  Copper relies on many factors to be balanced in the body: a healthy gut, a healthy liver, strong adrenals, and nutrients such as copper itself, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Unfortunately our environment is the perfect storm to create issues with copper balance.  Most people are dealing with nutritional deficiencies and imbalances because of a poor diet. Many are dealing with adrenal burnout. Most people have some degree of liver dysfunction too.

Candida cleanses, sugar fasts, and similar popular trends are just short term solutions for actually fixing excess yeast issues. You can do all the cleanses in the world but if you aren’t working on the underlying causes you will never fully eradicate the pathogens you have. Also, candida is rarely found on its own. It is often found with parasites, viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals. Working on copper will help to eliminate all of these issues because you’ll be working on the body as a whole.

This is where terrain theory really comes into play- we wouldn’t be able to harbor these pathogens and toxins if our bodies were strong to begin with. Instead of trying to attack and detox everything, work on getting stronger and THEN you’ll start to see real, long lasting healing.

How a Copper Imbalance Causes Candida

The main reason why copper imbalances can cause candida, according to ARL Labs, is:

“When copper is bio-unavailable, it cannot serve its normal function as a fungicide. Copper is involved in enzymes in cellular oxidative (aerobic) metabolism, and this appears to be the reason for its anti-fungal action. The causes of copper bio-unavailability are several, however the principal one is adrenal gland insufficiency, exhaustion or burnout. Inadequate secretion of adrenal glucocorticoid hormones prevents adequate synthesis of the major copper-binding protein, ceruloplasmin.

So there you have it- getting copper balanced is one of the biggest factors in eliminating Candida. Adrenal and liver support are CRUCIAL to making copper bio-available so they should be the main focus for everyone because we need energy and optimal detoxification to eliminate excess yeast. Most of the my clients that have severe copper dysregulation start to notice that they have yeast die-off once they start on their protocols which is why I recommend going low and slow with most supplements.


How to Fix a Candida Infection Naturally


The best first step is to figure out your personal copper balance. Getting an HTMA will show the state of your adrenals as well as overall vitality, and getting the Copper serum/zinc plasma or serum/ceruloplasmin blood panel will show the other side of the copper story.  You can request that blood panel from a trusted doc or use a service like Walk-in Lab.

Overall you want to be looking at everything: how strong your adrenal function is, what your metabolic type is, how well your liver is working, and how severe your copper imbalance is. Many people cannot tolerate detox when they are in very slow oxidation because their bodies are so depleted of nutrients and detox pathways are sluggish.  It is best to work on an HTMA plan to regain strength and work on overall health before jumping into more specific candida detox support.

Diet is definitely important as well.  I never recommend strict or restrictive diets though so there is rarely a need for a “candida diet”. Eat the way that makes you feel best, work on gut and liver healing to help increase nutrient absorption and overall digestion, and eat as much real food as possible.  The Standard American Diet is the main issue when it comes to any chronic illness: GMOs, massive amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, etc. The key is to eat real, healthy food!

My absolute favorite items that can help with specific candida healing are:

  • Bioray Belly Mend- supports gut function and helps to hold onto good bacteria better (while helping to eliminate bad bacteria)
  • Bioray Liver Life– supports liver pathways, which is essential on all detox protocols
  • Bioray Microbe Slayer– most direct support for unwanted organisms, can help with sugar cravings, can improve mood, best used with Liver Life
  • Earthley Gut Health Oil– helps to reduce common gut symptoms like bloating, gas, and constipation that can be due to pathogens
  • Earthley Candida Cleanse– a more direct hit on yeast and pathogens, best used with liver support to keep toxins moving out quickly
  • All of these are OK for kids as well- dosing is always on the label or the site description so be sure to follow those recommendations.




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