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How Did 2019 Go For You?

Wow! So not only are we at the end of a year again, we are at the end of an entire DECADE. This year has been unusually full of traumas, stress, and overall negative experiences for many people. Almost everyone I personally know has had one of the hardest years of their life, myself included.

Do you remember what your word for 2019 was? I had picked “thrive” and if only I had known what was going to be unleashed this year so I could actually reach that point!

This year I:

  • Started healing from mold illness, which had triggered underlying infections to be reactivated
  • Tried to buy our first house, but it fell through
  • Dealt with some really stressful personal issues for a large majority of the year
  • Redid my whole plan for Sassy Holistics and started working on writing more, and redid the whole website
  • Started a SECOND blog, Sassy Moonchild, so I could have another outlet for the other topics I’d love to write about
  • Continued acupuncture for most of the year to help with my own healing
  • Healed my own personal traumas that I have carried since childhood! This was a HUGE step for me, and I’ve only really felt the effects of this in the last few weeks- I feel SO at peace now
  • Wrote 2 ebooks, created 3 ecourses, and revamped Sassy Holistics Learning Academy
  • Started being more authentic- I have learned what I really love about myself, what makes me happy, and what I really want to accomplish in life
  • Decided to go back to school soon to get my Masters in Transformational Therapy so I can start to help more people heal their own traumas
  • Started realizing that the Universe and the angels actually do have my back, and they’ve been trying to get my attention for a LONG time!
  • Finished the Entrepreneurial Herbal course from Herbal Academy
  • Worked on fixing my issues with boundaries and people pleasing (a trait of emotional trauma issues!)
  • Started Reiki about a month ago, which has helped to clear out so much of this underlying trauma that was still affecting me.
  • Made a plan to start my own PRIVATE group online so I can get away from the stress of Facebook

Overall, it was an incredibly long and stressful year for me, and probably one of the hardest of my entire life. But I have learned how to be grateful for the lessons I am given. My experience with the mold and emotional trauma has allowed me to learn more about these things, which in turn has helped others find their own path. My experience with the house not working out made me aware of the whole house buying process, but it also showed me that we deserve better than what we were settling for.

Everything is done FOR us, not to us.

What has your year been like? Let me know in the comments! What do you hope for in 2020?

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