Holistic weight loss course

Why Health is More Important than Weight: Lose Weight Naturally as you Regain your Health

What exactly is holistic weight loss?

Holistic weight loss is all about understanding that health is the body’s priority- not just your weight.  My goal with this course is to bust dieting myths and give new insight on what weight loss should truly be about.

Are you stick of yo-yo dieting?

Let's face it: diets do NOT work! If you're tired of dieting, losing weight, and then gaining back when the diet is over then this class is for you.

Calorie Counting is Archaic

There are STILL people screaming from the rooftops that calorie counting is the ONLY way to lose weight, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Detox is crucial for weight loss

This course will outline all of the major steps in detoxing effectively, and why that is so essential for weight loss.

Weight loss comes with health!

As we heal, we naturally lose weight. Focusing on weight as a measurement of health is a thing of the past.

The curriculum includes:

*What is Holistic Weight Loss?
• Changing our Relationship with Food
• Exercise and Weight Loss
• Common Weight Loss Setbacks
• Why Detoxing is Crucial for Weight Loss
• Holistic Weight Loss Helpers


  • Learn what weight loss truly entails
  • Break your negative mindset about weight and food
  • Learn how to actually heal and lose weight
  • Lifetime access to the class!