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How to Use Herbs Safely for Animals

Curious about Safe Natural Remedies for Pets?

I have been too! It can be hard to find true and correct information about herbs and other natural remedies that can be safe for our 4 legged fur babies. I actually asked Herbal Academy a few months ago if they had information on pet health but at the time they didn’t. It looks like they thought it was a good idea though because here is an awesome mini course about herbs for pets!

The information for this unit is a little different than their other courses though- it’s not a full class. It is actually part of their Herbarium, which is an amazing collection of herbal knowledge.

From Herbal Academy, “For $45 per year, The Herbarium membership includes an ever-expanding library of plant monographs, intensives, articles, podcasts, videos, tutorials, and charts, all based on carefully gathered research and the wisdom of many contributing herbalists. The Herbarium is a trustworthy and convenient reference source for herbalists of all experience levels!”

So not only do you get access to a TON of information with the membership, you can actually get $10 off for your first year when you use the code COLDANDFLU on the site, but this ends on 10/31 so hurry up! You can check out the Herbarium here for more info.

The first intensive that is already available includes info about dietary considerations, useful herbs for common imbalanced, safety and dosing of remedies and more for cats, dogs, birds, and other pets. The next intensive will release on November 12th, and will have information about using flower essences for pets. Honestly, this is amazing because it is SO hard to find good info for natural health for pets and I am really looking forward to all of this.

I’ve completed several courses with Herbal Academy now and I absolutely love the way they teach. They have many herbalists that contribute to their courses and Herbarium so you really get a well-rounded view on herbalism. You can check out the rest of their courses here!

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