Healthy Nutrient Dense Snack Ideas

Healthy Nutrient Dense Snack Ideas

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Healthy Nutrient Dense Snack Ideas

A common issue that many people deal with is poor appetite. This issue can be related to many different things (low adrenal function, low stomach acid, sluggish liver, etc) but it can be a pretty annoying symptom to deal with. Some people just do not want to eat at all. I want to put a list together of ideas that could be considered a snack as well as light “meal” ideas for those that are struggling with finding their appetite.

Most people end up in adrenal fatigue because they are basically malnourished. We have to try to eat so we can fix this!


Snack Ideas

  1. A handful of nuts and/or seeds. I like to make up a mix to keep in the cabinet for the days that I’m either busy or just not very hungry. I use raw pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and sunflower seeds. I like to add cashews or almonds every so often. Just a small handful each day can be a good nutrient booster.
  2. A cup of bone broth; add some butter and collagen or gelatin for an extra boost. Or you can do Potassium broth! I use this recipe, but I don’t use the whey. I add several garlic cloves and a sheet of dulse to it as well!
  3. Full-fat yogurt or kefir: Plain versions of these are best so you can add some raw honey, cinnamon, ginger, and fruit.
  4. Smoothies: There are endless possibilities to this one. You can use fruit, seeds, yogurt/kefir, herbal infusions, collagen, whey protein, and as well as the supplements you might use that are powders/liquids. Check out my post on nutrient dense smoothie additions too!
  5. Collagen is super easy to add to food or drink 1-2 times a day for a nice protein boost
  6. MCT oil is another super easy option to get highly digestible fat. 1-2 tablespoons a day is good to aim for.
  7. Perfect Supplements Plant Protein is AMAZING as well. It is incredibly nutrient dense and counts as a snack on its own- 17 grams of protein, lots of fiber, and TONS of vitamins and minerals. It’s rather tasty too.
  8. Eggs: Hard-boiled eggs are one of the easiest things to make a big batch of and then keep on hand for when you want one.
  9. Homemade granola bars: I usually use a base of oats, raw honey and a nut butter. You can pretty much add anything to these to make them taste better: shredded coconut, nuts/seeds, even some chocolate if you can find a good quality. Check Pinterest for ideas!
  10. Herbal infusions: while these aren’t exactly food they do contain copious amounts of nutrients.
  11. Healthy muffins!!
  12. Fruits and veggies too. A big ole bowl of steamed or roasted veggies with some butter or ghee and spices is always a good idea.
  13. Potassium broth- click here for the recipe!
  14. And of course, Fat bombs! Check out my Pinterest board for ideas here.
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