Health Benefits of Journaling

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Do You Keep A Journal?

I LOVE writing… but I have never been very big on journaling. It is actually something I’ve been recommending to many clients this year, and it is something that has been recommended to myself several times in the last year or so. But for some reason, I was resistant to it until the last week or so. So of course, it’s the perfect time for me to make a post on why we ALL should be keeping a journal.

Health Benefits of Journaling

Let’s state the obvious one first:


Writing out our thoughts and emotions can be SO cathartic. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are stressing about something until we start writing about it. If you keep a daily

Considering that keeping a journaling can literally help you to learn how to regulate your emotions and keep your immune system healthy, it is really worth trying it out. See how it helps you, and truly give it a good chance.

Memory, Concentration, and Improved Vocabulary

Writing is not only cathartic, it is really great for your brain health! Writing anything (fact or fiction) is a great way to get your brain thinking better. It keeps you focused on the task at hand. It also makes you think of words that you may not use in every day conversations. Writing with an actual pen and paper can keep you so much more engaged in what you are doing when compared to typing on a computer. Overall, writing in a journal or diary can seriously help with keeping your brain happy.

Learn About Your True Self

Who can we trust more than ourselves? Writing in a journal is just for us! You get to write out your thoughts, your dreams, your feelings- things that you might not even be saying out loud to anyone in your life. It is a great way to actually learn who you are. And sadly, this is something that not a lot of us actually know about. So many of us suppress our true selves just to make others happy. It’s time to take back our authentic selves and figure out what makes us all truly happy!

Practice Gratitude

This is a popular reason for journaling, and there are many journals that are specific to this purpose. I actually ended up getting myself one journal just for gratitude practice (it has short spots to write for each morning and night) and a second one for just free writing.

Gratitude journaling can help you to have a new perspective on your life. If you write out a few things each day that you are grateful for it it can help to stop focusing on the “bad” things all of the time. When we’re only focused on what is going wrong in our lives, we can get stuck in such a cycle of negativity.

Take your pick!

Ideas for Journal Prompts

If you find it hard to get started, or if you’ve been journaling for awhile and just need more ideas,

  • What hobbies do I love?
  • What’s my favorite song right now and why?
  • What are my long term goals for my life? Short term goals?
  • Am I happy? If yes, why? If no, why not and what can I do to change that?
  • If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go…
  • If I could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

Need more ideas? Check out my board Journaling for Better Health:

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