Resources on How to Heal Lyme Disease Naturally

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Resources on How to Heal Lyme Disease Naturally

Lyme disease isn’t something I’ve dealt with personally and I haven’t done much studying done on it as of yet. But I wanted to get together a good article for resources for people trying to learn more about this insidious disease, especially as it is supposed to be a very bad year for ticks. It is possible to heal though, and I know many that are beating Lyme’s butt naturally and successfully.

Updated 3/2019: I started reading quite a bit more about Lyme and co a few months ago when I learned that I likely have Bartonella myself. I personally am comfortable with Buhner’s information on the herbs and how to typically treat these infections, as long as they are coupled with good foundational care.


How Mineral Imbalances play a role in Lyme

Copper is a crucial mineral for pathogen management in the body. All of my clients that have tested positive for any kind of pathogen (Lyme, Candida, parasites, EBV, etc) have a copper imbalance. Our environment is pretty much set up for us to create this imbalance. We need healthy livers and adrenals to create the copper binding protein (and most people have sluggish livers and stressed adrenals thanks to the SAD lifestyle- poor diet, tons of stress, lack of sleep, etc). When copper becomes hard for the body to balance, we can also become imbalanced with iron. I see some people with Lyme that have high iron storage, and I see some that have low iron- depends on the person and what their history is on if they start to hoard iron (which Lyme can feed on) or if they are just outright deficient because of how minerals can become skewed under the stress of dealing with a pathogen.

No matter what you are fighting, you have to be sure to start working on your foundation as well– we cannot always just go in and attack these infections. If we were strong to begin with, we wouldn’t be dealing with these things to begin with, or at least they wouldn’t be so devastating.


Getting to the bottom of copper and iron imbalances

Get an HTMA done, and get these blood labs drawn: copper serum, zinc plasma or serum, ceruloplasmin, iron, ferritin, TIBC, Saturation %, and transferrin. If you’re lucky enough to have an understanding doctor, ask them to request the labs. If not, check out Request a Test or Walk-In Lab (usually the cheaper of the 2).

Read more about copper here, and about iron here. As these minerals balance, it will be easier for your body to handle the pathogens, but there are so many amazing herbs and protocols out there too that will help as well.


Other awesome resources

Keep ticks out of your yard naturally: Did you know that chickens eat ticks? Or that there are certain plants you can put in your yard to repel ticks? This article has a lot of great ideas.

The best test out there is DNA Connexions. This tests for 4 different Lyme genes, and 8 other co-infections that tend to go along with Lyme. Many of these infections have specific symptoms as well so it’s also good to check out sites like this to learn about the most common symptoms.

Stephen Buhner: Buhner has one of the most popular and effective protocols for healing Lyme. He has a website, a book about healing Lyme, a book about herbal antibiotics, and a book about herbal antivirals. I know many people using some of his recommendations and they all are doing well. He even has info on preventing Lyme during heavy tick seasons: at least 1000 mg of astragalus daily can help keep the immune system strong enough to prevent infection or even to make the disease less harsh if you are bit. The basic protocols for healing Lyme and the co-infections (Bartonella, babesia, mycoplasma, etc) can be found here too, but the books are much more in-depth.

Lyme healing protocol from Organic Lifestyle Magazine: This is a very comprehensive post that goes over the history of Lyme, the stages of it, the controversy about testing, the common co-infections, and all of the treatment possibilities there are.

Brenda from Real Food Rebel: Brenda healed herself from Lyme and has an absolutely amazing blog dedicated to helping others. She outlines what helped her heal from Lyme, which includes whole foods, bowel and parasite cleansing, the Buhner protocol, and more. Everyone is different though- her protocol is amazing, but some may need to do more or less depending on what you are dealing with exactly.

Homeopathy and Lyme: Homeopathy can be a huge helper in helping one to heal from anything, including Lyme disease.

Mold toxin Illness in Lyme Disease: Lyme rarely exists on its own, and a weakened immune system can make you more susceptible to being sensitive to mold.  Activated charcoal and bentonite clay can both be helpful in this situation.

One more story of someone healing their Lyme

Barlow Herbals: This company has 2 awesome formulas that help immensely with overall immune support, and they include one of the most powerful herbs for Lyme called Lomatium root. Barlow recommends starting with Munity Boost first, and then you can eventually move on to just straight lomatium. They have a ton of amazing info on their site about this too!


2022 Update

The longer that I am a practitioner, the more I realize a huge truth: it is not always the infections, the mold, the parasites, etc that are the problem. It is our FOUNDATION that is the problem. You cannot solve mold illness or Lyme or parasites without addressing the reasons why they came to be in the first place- nutritional deficiencies, stress, trauma, nervous system dysfunction, etc. When we work on overall health and wellness, the body regains strength and it starts to heal everything in its own time. We are so trained to look for the one big thing causing all of our issues (like Lyme) but many are missing the bigger picture.

Work on the body as a whole and it will heal. 

No one wants to hear that healing isn’t easy or quick. Especially when you realize you’re dealing with chronic illness basically through no fault of your own.

But what if we’re looking at things wrong? Many clients that we get have similar stories- they first went to a “naturopath” or “functional medicine” doctor and were put on many things to detox heavy metals, kill off Lyme and co-infections, etc and rarely given anything to address their detox pathways or nutritional deficiencies.

Most of these clients end up crashing and feeling so much worse because healing isn’t just about detoxing ALL THE THINGS.

What if the real answer was giving your body the support it needed and letting it heal in its own time? Of course, that’s not a *convenient* solution because everyone wants to feel better like, yesterday.

But that is how this all works. Healing isn’t just about feeling better- I say this SO often now. It’s about recognizing your habits and defense mechanisms and realizing where you’re giving too much energy away. It’s about SLOWING TF DOWN and not being on the go-go-go 25/8.

Nourish your body with nutrient dense foods and herbs. Support gut healing and open detox pathways. Heal your adrenals and your nervous system.

This is exactly what we do with our HTMA programs- we are aiming to help you unlock the road to HEALTH.


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  1. Thank you! This is really great content. Have you by any chance written anything about how to deal with other blood infections like Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Rickettsia etc.. as these seem to be increasing in frequency, yet so few seem to know about these, much less how to address them. I’d be grateful for your views <3

  2. Hi Esther! Thanks so much for your comment. I don’t have anything specific on these infections, mostly because I’ve noticed that no matter what we’re dealing with we’re going to need the same basic foundation for everything. I’m seeing an increase in people that try to attack these infections head one and just ruin their health too 🙁 So I don’t personally put a lot of emphasis on the infections- more so on the person themselves and what they need to heal.

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