Gut healing: Why the Gut is one of the most important things to heal!

This  course will teach you how to heal your gut completely to regain your health!

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What is this course


The term "leaky gut" is everywhere these days and with good reason. But how do we actually heal our gut?! If our gut is not functioning at full capacity, we just cannot be healthy. This course will go over why we are dealing with such severe gut issues, how to heal your gut, and what to avoid to prevent further issues in the future. Our gut health is so critical for many other parts of our body- when it is isn't working correctly, it can influence our brain health, detox system, immune system, thyroid, adrenals, and more!

You will learn:

Why we need to heal the gut

The Best Diet for Gut Healing

How to fix Stomach acid and heal your gut lining

How to heal your liver, get bile flowing, and why the liver is important for gut healing

Histamine intolerance and how to heal it

How to heal your microbiome and replenish gut bacteria

How to heal your Colon

Gut healing for Kids

This course is self-paced, and once you buy it you’ll have access to it forever!

What people are saying about the Gut Healing Course!

“​I Took the gut healing course and I LOVED IT! Just the first lesson was worth the $25. Such great information! Kristin breaks everything down in such an easy and understandable way. I learned soooo much! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who really wants a good understanding of how the body works as a whole. I’m Hoping she does another course in the near future​!”
“Clear, concise, and helpful tips for healing the gut.”
Health Coach
"Practical tips for gut healing. I especially loved learning WHY we have such such problems."

Taught by:

Kristin Merizalde, BS in Clinical Nutrition, HTMA Consultant

Kristin is a holistic nutritionist that has been using HTMA and mineral balancing in her practice for about 4 years now. She is a huge advocate for gut healing, and it's almost always the first step in her protocols for clients. Without a healthy gut, we just cannot be healthy! In order to get minerals balanced, we need to be able to absorb and utilize them correctly. Kristin runs the holistic website where you can learn more about mineral balancing and its importance in overall health. She has been helping people heal from chronic illnesses over the last few years with her nutritional practice and is now working on sharing her methods with other practitioners so that they can do the same.