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Have you ever seen the same set of numbers repeatedly and wondered if they’re speaking to you?

Or perhaps dreamt about numbers and woke up thinking there’s got to be a “message” here for me!?

Numbers are fascinating and are another way of communicating with you. It is another language and has special meaning for everyone! I used to have countless dreams with numbers. I would dream that I would be walking down a street and numbers would be floating around everywhere around me. I would dream that I would be making phone calls and dialing all kinds of different phone numbers, and those numbers would linger in my mind hours after waking up.

I would dream that I would see blocks of numbers anywhere (on a receipt, on a paper, in a book, floating, on an object, etc) like how you see “codes” on a computer. I would wake up and still see the images in my mind throughout the day!!

And of course, I knew there was a message for me but did not know how to approach it. After taking several courses in numerology, including becoming certified in Astronumerology, I started to decipher these messages and make decisions in my life according to the messages. Life got easier for me.

Numerology can answer questions like:

  • When is a good day to launch my new business?
  • Or when is a good day to make a special announcement to family and friends?
  • When is a good time to focus on my family?
  • When will I finally see improvement in my health?
  • What kinds of emotional blocks am I holding onto?
  • How can I tap into financial abundance?
  • Why do I keep facing the same problems/obstacles over and over?
  • Am I with the right person in my life?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • What can I do to be happier overall?

I could keep going and going, but you get the picture.Numerology is the key to your inner knowing and will resonate greatly with you. You will receive confirmation as to what you’ve been contemplating all along! So many times clients have told me, yah I knew that but did not think it was “real” or did not have the courage to face it!

My favorite story I like to share is of a client for whom I did a relationship reading for an hour and I would periodically ask him, is this making sense? And he would respond “yes, sure”….but very coldly, with his arms crossed, almost like he was bored. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I continued the session but once it was over, I felt like I had not really helped him. Normally the session flows a little better, so it didn’t feel as good as the other ones.

About 2 weeks later, he sends me an email and it said: “Your reading was 100% accurate and the lessons I need to learn come hard for me 🙂 Your reading also invigorated me to follow all the truths you told with heart. Also, I bought a yellow and indigo tie like you suggested. Life is good,my friend. Thank you so much for this.”

He also followed it up with a phone call and told me how many specific details about our session made so much sense in the days after the reading! I was so pleased to hear all of this because, like I said before, numerology has MESSAGES for us….ones that we really need to hear and they will help us find our truth which we have been longing for! I was so happy that the session helped him and it was also a great lesson for me; sometimes the information may be a bit too much for someone at the beginning.

And sometimes it takes time to really “think” and ponder about what you just heard. The messages may slowly shift your perspective on your life and your goals….in a more productive way! And I haven’t even touched all the other things we talk about in a session….things like, what are some foods that may be good for you to eat or to stay away from?

Or if you like crystals, I share with you some crystals that will help you on your spiritual healing journey. And much more!!

Please join me in my mystical passion for numerology and see what it can do for you!

If you would like to read more testimonials please check out my Facebook page here to stay up to date on dates to watch out for in the future and any other important announcements related to numerology!

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