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Fu@K Fibro: One Woman’s Two-finger Salute to Chronic Illness by Marie Paddington-Chivers

I am SO excited to talk a bit about this new book from a friend and client of mine, Marie Paddington-Chivers. Marie recently published this book, and it is SUCH an amazing read and I hope it can be an inspiration to others on their path to wellness as well.

Marie is so real with her writing, and she covers a LOT of ground. In her book, you will learn a bit about her own personal story about dealing with fibromyalgia. She gets into the nitty-gritty on what healing REALLY is: hard, messy, and frustrating. There are no easy fixes when you are healing from chronic illness, and you will likely be needing a lot of work to regain your health.

Marie writes a LOT about foundational care in her book, which truly is crucial. And she even mentions little ole me in her section about mineral balancing!

Check out her awesome book here:

The description for her book:
“Meet Marie, a 40 something chronic illness ass-kicker.
Following a life-changing fibromyalgia diagnosis and after holding a yearlong pity party she finally got the memo. Nobody was coming to save her.
While launching her own rescue mission, she created her personal healing system, The Power of Three. Three foundational pillars that helped her to regain her health.
Fu@k Fibro is this woman’s two-finger salute to chronic illness. A straight-talking, slightly sweary, sometimes humorous account of illness and recovery.
This book is an inspirational story of hope after diagnosis and a rough guide for others looking for an alternative path to health.”

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