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Frequency Healing Benefits

What is frequency healing?

Did you know that sound is actually incredibly healing for us? If you’ve ever put a song on and just felt calm or happy, then you can understand how music and sound can actually influence our overall health. There are actually specific frequencies that are used for healing certain health issues.

In our modern days of stress and chaos, we all need more things that help with calming us down and healing our subconscious. Listening to healing frequencies can help us quite a bit in our healing journey!

Certain frequencies of sound are used as part of therapies in order to manipulate human brainwaves to promote healing of the body and mind. Sound frequency healing has been used to treat several different kinds of ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and disorders of the nervous system.” (source)

This post has a great list of descriptions about some of the most helpful frequencies so be sure to check it out!

This is a list I made for myself but there are SO many other frequencies on there. I usually listen to this if I have trouble sleeping, when I’m trying to nap, or when I just feel like I need to take a few minutes and calm down. Many of them are under 5 minutes long. I love Spotify but I am sure other platforms have similar options for frequency music.

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