Fluoride is a Neurotoxin- so why is it still in our water?

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What is Fluoride and why do we need to avoid it?

Most people know fluoride as the stuff put in toothpaste to give us strong teeth. It’s also put in our water supply because it is supposedly so amazing at preventing cavities. Fluoride is even added to water that is meant for infants for formula making! (And yet it isn’t added to toddler toothpaste because it is toxic when swallowed- say what?!) This is ridiculous considering there have never been any studies to determine the safety or effectiveness of fluoride.

This is the issue: there is a huge difference between naturally occurring fluoride and the sodium fluoride that is thrown in our water. For one, the former is natural and in small amounts in food and water and the latter is a synthetic form that is toxic waste.  (Read 50 Reasons to oppose Fluoridation here please- lots of great reasons to ditch the fluoride!)

Harvard University declared a few years ago that sodium fluoride was actually a neurotoxin, meaning that it destructive to nerve tissue. The study from Harvard focused mostly on the effect that fluoride has on children. Fluoride was also something used in concentration camps in WWII by Hitler to keep the prisoners docile. You have to wonder why it is thrown in our water supply- you cannot control a dosage that way. The more water you drink, the more fluoride you get.

Fluoride has been linked to many neurological issues including Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and MS.

Fluoride has a negative effect on thyroid function, it builds up in the pineal gland, it lowers IQ, it can CAUSE dental issues, it damages the brain and bones, and it can even have negative effects on fertility. Fluoride also makes us absorb aluminum more, which is a huge factor in Alzheimer’s disease-read about this link here.

How to Ditch the Fluoride!

There are many great brands of fluoride free toothpaste on the market, and some are definitely better than others. You can also easily make your own. After trying half a dozen kinds, we settled on making our own with coconut oil and baking soda. It has worked better to whiten our teeth and freshen our breath than any other product we have found! I have made a toothpaste in the past with baking soda, coconut oil, and bentonite clay that is working even better- get the recipe here.

If you’re not into making your own toothpaste, or coconut oil tends to clog your drains, check out Poofy Organics for excellent choices on toothpaste.

There are several water filters out there that reduce or eliminate the fluoride, as well as heavy metals and pharmaceuticals. Tap Master is one brand that is both affordable and effective. Berkey is one of the most popular brands and has amazing reviews. Amazon has plenty of options when it comes to filters depending on your budget. Reverse osmosis is also popular but if you go that route is essential to add minerals back to the water with a supplement like Trace Minerals Research Concentrace . Reverse osmosis and distilled water can actually negatively affect the body over time.

There are several ways to eliminate fluoride from the body.  Balancing minerals, strengthening adrenals, and supporting liver function are huge to healing the entire body. For fluoride detox, the most helpful things are turmeric, dry sauna, magnesium, boron, and iodine (read about how to restore iodine here!)

So for those that are unaware– please ditch the fluoride! You’ll be amazing at how your brain can clear up with this small (yet truly huge) change.  You might have more self-awareness and it will feel like you’ve finally woken up!

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