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About a year ago I started a second website to create a different sort of blog. I wanted to keep it separate from this site for a few reasons, but I think it’s time to finally combine them!

I started Sassy Moonchild to start talking about crystal healing, spirituality, empaths, and a bit more about myself in general. I even made a series over there on how to get a blog started as I have had quite a few people ask me about that over the years.

I made Sassy Moonchild separate for several reasons:

  • I was still learning about spirituality, the Universe, the planetary shifts, etc and wasn’t ready to talk about this stuff here.
  • I didn’t want to OFFEND anyone that didn’t “believe” in these things. (which seems silly now knowing what I know!)
  • I wanted a place where I could write more about the things I loved, not just about health and wellness.

But after a year of focusing more on spiritual healing and going through quite an intense dark night of the soul I realize now that I CANNOT separate these topics. The more I heal from my emotional traumas, the more I see the importance of knowing about how the universe affects our healing. In fact, I am at the point where I believe that this side of healing is JUST as important as the nutritional side!

I’ve been trying to figure out for months how to combine these modalities. I kept thinking that I needed to have it all perfectly set up before I starting meshing these worlds, but honestly I do not think that will happen. I feel such an urge to teach people about these things NOW. Since no one ever really sees my other site, it’s not helping anyone so I will be moving all of the posts over here for everyone to go through.

We are in a time of GREAT awakening.

It’s been destined for a LONG time. Parts of our world are coming to light that people have been blind to for decades, especially about the health aspect. As more people awaken to the truth, they start to heal themselves. This creates a chain reaction in the entire world- as one person heals, then people around them can be sparked to heal, and on and on it goes. THIS is creating huge spikes in the Schumann Resonance, which is spiking a lot as we all start to raise our own vibrations. You can click here to read more about the Schumann Resonance! You can also follow the updates posted about this on Twitter- they put up results every 2 hours.

Since this is spiking so much more in current times, many people are experiencing symptoms that are associated with these spikes. I am seeing it more and more in my clients and followers, whether they are aware of these shifts or not. Around the times of full moons or on days of a huge shift, I get more complaints from people about weird symptoms popping up or of old symptoms returning with seemingly no reason. Now that I am more aware of these shifts and what they mean, it is easier to see that we truly are all affected (although empaths, lightworkers, and extra sensitive people tend to feel it even more).

About a week ago I accidentally shared a post meant for Moonchild on Facebook over on the Sassy Holistics page- and it was one of my MOST popular posts in a long time! I had nearly 100 comments on that post alone, which never happens on FB. Many people already knew what it was that I was posting about (the Schumann Resonance, aka Earth’s heartbeat) but many didn’t and they wanted to learn more.

Take What Resonates With YOU and Leave the Rest

I know a lot of people will read this and roll their eyes or scoff, but there is ONE huge thing that I have learned in the last year (even more so just in the last few days): There is a REASON why we are triggered by things. When our beliefs that we’ve held for so long are suddenly questioned, our egos immediately reject it. But when we can be aware and ask ourselves, “ok, but WHY does this trigger me?” and truly think about it, then we can grow and evolve.

Stuff about the universe, angels, and God used to truly trigger me. I have found that it was because I felt abandoned at such a young age due to all of my abuse and trauma. I also have felt so triggered by religion itself, which is all I knew about “spirituality” up until a few years ago. Now, I found my own truth (which doesn’t necessarily have to be your truth!): spirituality is DIFFERENT than religion. I have a whole post on this I’ll be moving over from Moonchild too.

But this is the beauty of life: if you do not like something you can IGNORE it. Or you can choose to use the opportunity to grow as a person and understand why it triggers you. Neither is wrong or right. We all have to act as we feel best for ourselves!

I’ll be making a section just for Moonchild related posts as I add them over here so it’ll be easier to find them too! So get ready 🙂

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