Easy healthy daily habits

Easy healthy daily habits to improve your well-being!

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Easy healthy daily habits to improve your well-being!

Sometimes health just seems SO overwhelming, but did you know that there are so many small daily habits that you can practice that can make a HUGE impact on your overall health and well-being?

If it feels like you have too much to do to heal, just start with some of these easy baby steps.

• Don’t reach for your phone to scroll as soon as you wake up. Instead, take some time to truly wake up. Feel how your body feels. Think about how you slept. Think about something amazing that’s going to happen today.

• Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue as soon as you get up! Get these germs out of your mouth before eating/drinking anything.

• Try to get sun in the morning. This will help with mood, immune health, and can help you get better sleep at night!

• Eat breakfast! It’s called “BREAK FAST” for a reason. Sleep is your main time to “fast”.

• Don’t have coffee on an empty stomach. It’s too acidic on an empty gut and can hurt the gut lining over time. Also, look for brands that are fair trade, low mold, and organic if possible.

• Start the day with REAL food, not cereal!

• If you work at a desk all day, be sure to take breaks to stretch, close your eyes, and check in with how you are feeling through the day.

• Use blue light blocking glasses or an app on your device especially if you deal with eye strain at the computer.

• Be sure to keep an eye on your hunger and thirst levels- it’s easy to get sucked into working so much that you ignore these cues. If you don’t have cues, put alarms on your phone to check in with yourself.

• Set reasonable goals for yourself each day so you’re not over-extending yourself. Burning out everyday and pushing to the limit is going to stall healing or lead to severe burnout.

• Connect with loved ones and friends when you can.

• LAUGH every day. Find a way to laugh so hard you have tears coming out- laughter is so healing, and in our busy lives it’s easy to forget to experience true joy.

• Keep a journal to keep track of how you feel so you can learn more about your triggers (did you get a headache because you skipped lunch? Or did you feel stressed because of a deadline? This can help you to become more self-aware!)

• Give yourself grace if you forget to do something. Just do your best, no matter what. But realize that your best one day could be less than yesterday- there is no shame in that. We all fluctuate.

Once you start to work on little steps like this, the bigger steps become less daunting.

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