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Earthley Wellness

I ordered several Earthley products back in November and I have been really impressed with them. Most of it was skin care- thanks to the few years in mold, my poor face broke out so much that I got scarring. The Deep Healing skin serum from Earthley has gotten rid of about 90% of it (with me using it a few times a week since November).

I also tried the Lymphatic Cream, clay face mask, and rose body oil– I loved it all! So I decided to sign up for to be an Earthologist with them. It’s just another affiliate (not an MLM), and I love how Kate has set everything up.

If you want to read all about Earthley and what they stand for, check that out here! It honestly takes a LOT for me to support another company because I am picky about ingredients, but I can find literally no flaws in Earthley’s product line. They have whole food based supplements, herbal remedies, and truly all natural and organic beauty products. They are very reasonably priced, and work so much better than anything you’ll find in a store. They are very upfront and honest about safety of everything for everyone too, which is something that is very important to me. There is so much misinformation about there about herbs and essential oils for kids and pregnant/nursing mothers so I really appreciate that there are recommendations for items based on age and these certain conditions.

Breezy and I have had several HTMA clients this year that wanted to not have suggestions in plans from Amazon, so I’m going to start working on recommending some of the herbal formulas from Earthley more. This way we can help to support a small business more, especially one that aligns so well with Sassy Holistics. So if you are ordering an HTMA and would like us to suggest as many items that are NOT on Amazon as possible, just let us know when you order!

Keep an eye out for recommendations across the site as I update it too! You can also check out everything Earthley offers here.

The serum I used with amazing results:

The green clay mask is AMAZING too. Works great for eliminating blackheads and shrinking pores!

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