Current health trends to be wary about

Current health trends to be wary about

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Current health trends to be wary about


Balance is not a 4 letter word

Balance seems to be such a strange concept these days. In our quest for health and wellness, we tend to jump on trends left and right that are just not balanced. I get it though- we all want to heal, and we want to do all that we can to get there. But consuming large amounts of any 1 thing, or taking extreme measures to get there faster rarely works out in the long run. Holistic health is not allopathic- we don’t take one thing to mask symptoms, and we don’t pop pills to manage an illness. There are not many shortcuts in real health!


Current health trends to be wary about

  • Celery Juice: too much of a good thing can be bad. Celery itself is a healthy food, but consuming 8-16 ounces of celery juice a day is not balanced, and can cause issues with kidney health in the long term. I have heard quite a few reports from clients and followers that they felt pretty good at first, but eventually developed kidney stress. One reported having a kidney stone and an ER trip within 3 days of starting to use celery juice. There is a difference between detoxing and a true bad reaction- severe issues like kidney stones tend to be the latter.
  • Attacking Underlying infections without setting up your foundation: If we were strong to begin with, we wouldn’t end up with chronic issues like Lyme, Bartonella, EBV, parasites, or Candida. We need to work on restrengthening the body first before attempting to kill these infections off. I have seen many people crash their adrenals due to doctors or practitioners that dive right into detoxing without even a thought for adrenal health or nutrient replenishment.
  • Chelation/TRS: Chelation goes against common sense when you realize how much goes into actually getting rid of metals. We need sufficient mineral stores, healthy adrenals, and a functioning detox system. We cannot bypass these steps for true, successful detoxing. This post outlines what is the better option for dealing with heavy metals.
  • Large amounts of one nutrient: The very popular nutrients right now are vitamin D, magnesium, and iodine. Like I mentioned above- too much of a good thing can often turn bad. We don’t recommend many isolated nutrients to begin with because we know how easy it is to bump other nutrients around to begin with. Vitamin D can lower potassium and increase calcium retention in the tissues, and it can also weaken the kidneys and be hard on the liver. Magnesium can lower sodium and weaken adrenals that are already sluggish. Iodine is incredibly detoxing, and if the body is not prepared for it, it can put a TON of stress on detox organs and eventually can crash the adrenals.
  • Vitamin A is toxic and you need to detox it from your body: This is probably the one that drives me nuts the most right now. The people claiming that vitamin A is toxic are lumping together retinol and carotenes. These are NOT the same thing. I wrote this whole post to outline why this trend is quite insane.
  • Strict Diets: There are 1001 diets out there claiming to be the best. In reality, every one of us is different. I have always preached for a balanced, whole food diet that is clean and that works for YOU as an individual. The newest diet I am seeing is the carnivore diet- yup, eating basically nothing but meat. Then we have veganism, the complete opposite. Then we have juice fasts that last for weeks or months with large amount of raw veggies (which can be an issue on the kidneys if you’re using a lot of leafy greens), or incredibly low carb (that can crash the adrenals after a long period of time). Most of these diets focus on weight loss or managing an illness. I think it’s time to put more focus on HEALTH, not just WEIGHT.
  • Systems like Plexus: Most of these companies are poor quality, overpriced, and are designed to keep you needing these supplements month after month because they don’t actually solve anything. Read more about why we don’t like Plexus here.
  • Colloidal Silver: Silver is often used for many reasons but it’s something that truly never resonated with me. The main reason I don’t recommend it is because it’s a copper antagonist. Copper is hard enough to balance as it is, so anything that is a direct antagonist is something I’d avoid. There are MANY herbs that are safer options for the same issues that silver supposedly helps with. 
  • Juice Plus: Nothing beats real food. It’s tempting to think a pill is going to help us met our nutritional needs or “fill in the gaps”. Unfortunately, MLMs usually miss the mark on quality. Juice plus still lists synthetic nutrients and “natural flavors” in many of their items. Personally, I’d rather spend $80 on real food, not chewable gummies that don’t really have much nutrition to begin with. The only nutrients they list on their items are vitamins A, C, and E and folate, which are all incredibly easy to get from food already.


Why I prefer Balance when it comes to Health

Over the last 6-7 years, I’ve been learning as much as I can about natural health.  I’ve come across dozens, maybe even hundreds of “experts” in the health field and at times information just gets overwhelming. But it amazes me how many people can be so certain that “their way” is that absolute best way, no matter what. I wanted to write a little bit about some of this advice that I’ve seen, and why it’s shaped me to preach balance when it comes to all things.


All of the “advice” I’ve seen over the years:

  • We should eat only fruit, or a fruit based diet
  • We should eat only plants
  • We should only eat meat
  • Gluten is poison
  • All grains are poison
  • All dairy is poison
  • Fats are bad for you
  • All sugars (even fruit) is bad for you
  • Protein is bad for you
  • All animal products are poison
  • Oxalates, histamines, FODMAPs, and salicylates are all poison
  • Too much fruit can cause birth defects
  • We should only eat cooked vegetables
  • We should only eat raw vegetables
  • We should do weekly or monthly fasting
  • Only water fasts will heal you
  • You HAVE to exercise an hour a day, at least
  • You will never heal without coffee enemas
  • Coffee enemas are dangerous and addictive
  • We can’t get all of our nutrients from food so you NEED to supplement 2000% RDA of all of them
  • You’ll only lose weight with exercise
  • You have to drink a gallon of water a day
  • Only reverse osmosis water is good for you
  • RO and distilled waters are not good for you
  • It’s impossible to actually heal and you’ll always need medications to manage certain things
  • And the list goes on….


Hopefully you can see the issue here- all of these cannot be true! This is why BALANCE is the answer. We are all different, we all need different things. There is no ONE way to live, but balance is such a broad term that it can work for nearly everyone. We have to remember that there are no quick fixes- crash diets or intense exercising can do more harm than good. Individualized Nutrition is the answer!

Eating the way that makes you feel best and listening to your intuition are the most important things to remember.


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