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The Best Crystals for Taurus Sun Sign

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The Best Crystals for Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus April 20 – May 20

Taurus sun signs tend to be known for being very strong, completely dependable, and very creative. The following are the best crystals can help with enhancing these characteristics and supporting a Taurus with overall internal balance.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for overall newbies to crystals, but it honestly can be beneficial to everyone. It is a very powerful heart chakra stone, and can especially help empaths. Since it’s known as the love stone it can help with attracting new love, fixing current love, or increasing ones self love.


Rose Quart Properties:

  • Known as the love stone!!
  • Increases sense of self-worth
  • Great for healing romantic relationships or attracting new ones
  • Opens the heart for compassion for others
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Great for empaths as it helps to increase empathy for others while also creating better boundaries for oneself
  • Can help with those dealing with grief
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If we think that rose quartz is a powerful heart healing stone, then wait until you hear about Rhodonite. It’s like rose quartz times a million! It’s considered to be one of the MOST powerful heart chakra crystals and can help with some serious love issues. Rhodonite is specical to me because it actually appeared to me in a dream once- I’ve never dreamed about a crystal before so I took it as a sign to buy one and WOW does it work well! Be ready for some big relationship changes if you use rhodonite for healing.


Benefits of Rhodonite:

  • Great for both the heart and root chakras
  • Known as the “Xanax of crystals” because of its calming ability
  • Can help one through traumatic times by keeping them calmer and more emotionally stable
  • Brings you lots of LOVE and helps to heal your relationships that need work
  • Helps you to love YOURSELF (so much more important than you know!)
  • Can help with increasing intuition- when we are in a calm state it is a lot easier to listen to our inner voice
  • Works very well with rose quartz of course, as well as emerald and garnet (all of which are also great for Taurus)



Carnelian is associated with our lower 3 chakras: root, sacral, and solar plexus. This is a great stone for stimulating action in all things- creativity, new ideas, passion, and so much more. Carnelian is a bright stone that can uplift you with just looking at it!


Carnelian can help you with:

  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Improving circulation and purifying the blood
  • Stimulating libido
  • Improving energy levels and mood
  • Helping to increase your creativity
  • Finding your passions in life, connects you to your true authentic self
  • Grounding your energy as it is helpful for the root chakra



Labradorite might make you think about the cute puppies with boundless energy- but this crystal gets it name from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. Some people think of this as a stone that looks like the Aurora Borealis because of its unique color pattern and sparkle.


Labradorite Benefits:

  • Brings MAGIC to your life!
  • As a stone of transformation it can help you with any new journey that you are on in your life
  • Will enhance your intuition if you are already very intuitive
  • Can help you to connect more with nature and the Heavens
  • Supports creativity
  • Increases your awareness of synchronicities in your life- do you often see repeating numbers, wake up with songs in your head, see a certain color of butterfly every time you leave the house? These can be signs from your guides and angels. Labradorite helps you to see these more and to understand the deeper meaning behind them.
  • Works very well with moonstone and sunstone
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