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Coping with Current Events

We are living in one of the most heated, stressful, traumatic time periods right now. I personally feel the heavy energy, and I am sure many of you do as well. I really just wanted to put something together as a reminder to take care of yourselves.

We can get sucked into the drama of the TV too much and forget to live, and it becomes incredibly easy to let this hurt our physical and mental health.

I am not here to make a stance on anything- my mission is to help people through this traumatic time. We know how trauma can influence us on a physical and mental level. So let’s do our best to practice grounding, breathing, and overall stress reduction right now.

Reducing Stress in Chaotic Times

  • Breathe. Take a step back from the situation. Don’t force yourself to talk about the issues at hand so much, and don’t be afraid to ask others to stop talking about it if it triggers you.
  • Turn off the TV/Social Media if needed. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. The news has one main purpose: to incite fear. It is really doing a great job at that right now. Social media is even worse. People are constantly sharing doomsday posts and basically running around like Chicken Little right now. Just turn it off and again- breathe. Take breaks as needed. There is nothing wrong with being informed on the situation, but refreshing the page every 5 minutes is not healthy (and trust me, I know how easy it is to get sucked into that).
  • Ground yourself. Mediation, breathing exercises, a nice relaxing bath, or even make sure you’ve got your crystals on hand (black tourmaline, shungite, bloodstone, and carnelian are great for grounding). Pray more, talk to God or your angels, ask for light shields- whatever your cup of tea is. If you’re an empath, I highly recommend The Empowered Empath for more tips. I have my post on other great pages to follow here as well.
  • Hobbies! It’s a good time to start a new one or pick an old one back up. Take your mind off of the stress.
  • Spend time with your loved ones. Play a game, watch a movie.
  • Reach out to friends and family to speak with if you need
  • Use herbs and homeopathy as needed if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, or anything else that feels out of hand. It is OK to feel your emotions, but if you start to feel like it’s getting to be too much then take steps to help yourself calm down. Loving Energy is helpful for the adrenals, which take the biggest brunt during stress.
  • Remember to eat! Please nourish yourself, and do not neglect yourself. If your appetite is low, check out these ideas for nutrient dense foods and drinks.
  • Sleep as best as you can. I have some tips for getting better sleep here if needed.
  • Just remember that this will pass. Have faith! Stay safe and healthy!

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