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Do you want to truly heal? Or just manage symptoms?

There are truly a million and one ways to heal out there these days. Over the years, I have developed our programs to work more on the root causes of chronic illness. I want to see people HEAL, not get stuck on supplements for the rest of their lives. And yes, I said root CAUSES- there is often more than 1 root cause going on! I hope more of us can view holistic health as common sense health.

Most programs out there are using supplements for symptoms, not root causes. They’re looking at just fixing symptoms, not the person as a whole. They’re also often looking to sell their own supplements that they have so they make more profit (yes, this is real! I have heard from countless clients and followers that they’ve experienced this. A lot of these use muscle testing and determine that they need a basket full of supplements that they just so happen to sell in their office!). I started using the term “allopathic natural health” years ago because of this common issue.

It doesn’t help that we’re so used to allopathic medicine to begin with. We grow up thinking that we take one pill to solve a symptom, and that this is “health”. In reality, every time we did this growing up we were creating even more issues. This method suppresses the body’s natural healing ability, and can lead to a build up of toxins in the body. Eventually, we reach our limit and the chronic health issues kick in. Once THAT happens, we have to work on undoing the damage. It would be so much easier if we were preventing these issues, no?

What is Common Sense Health?

The average HTMA shows at least 6-7 different nutrients that are imbalanced or deficient. Many HTMA programs out there are created by the labs themselves and not always by an actual practitioner too! They’re just generated automatically from the computer based on the lab results.

If this were you, would you rather:

Supplement every single nutrient you were deficient in? So 7 supplements JUST to address your deficiencies and nothing else. You could run the risk of creating further deficiencies and imbalances this way. You could even end up getting stuck on supplements because your levels will only stay stable while you’re using these supplements.


Would you work on healing one main root cause so your body can assimilate all nutrients better on its own? You would only need to use a few supplements for this purpose and for the majority of people, these would be temporary (maybe 3-6 months depending on what you need). This would be the common sense health way!

Same thing goes for hormones. Melatonin, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, etc- all of these things are meant to be MADE in the body. When we start supplementing with them, it can create confusion in the body and many people get stuck on them. I have seen so many tests where people were claimed to be deficient in every single hormone tested: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, and more and were literally given a supplement for each of these hormones.

Why does this go against all common sense?

OUR HORMONES ARE MADE IN THE LIVER AND THEY STEM FROM ONE MASTER HORMONE WHICH NEEDS CHOLESTEROL TO BE REGULATED. We make 3/4 of our cholesterol in our liver. Our environment and diet over the last few generations has created so much liver dysfunction. There are ROOT CAUSES for hormonal imbalances. Taking the hormones solves nothing other than possibly fixing the levels. Your body is not going to regulate itself if you’re supplementing with individual hormones. It can regulate if you start working on liver healing, gut healing, adrenal healing, and mineral balancing though.

Take a look at this handy chart please:

Image from Google

So as one big example since this is the most common thing I see: If you’re supplementing with progesterone in order to balance your estrogen, you actually could be using that progesterone to make MORE estrogen! The progesterone can actually be turned into cortisol as well, which is a huge stressor on the adrenals.

Supplementing with hormones and isolated nutrients is for manipulating levels- not healing. It truly baffles me when I see docs and other practitioners that use this method. Natural health is evolving, and it is important people start realizing what is actually natural versus what is still allopathic thinking. We’re all so desperate to heal quickly, but these methods are often adding more steps to the journey.

REAL Healing with Common Sense Health

In order to simplify real healing as much as I can, I’ve started calling what we do “foundational care”. These aspects of health are the MOST important to look at for addressing the main root causes of chronic health issues.

Our main steps in healing your foundation include:

  • Cleaning up your Diet
  • Healing your Gut
  • Assessing your Minerals
  • Supporting your Adrenals and HPA Axis
  • Working on your Detox Pathways
  • Cleaning up your Environment
  • Addressing Underlying Infections
  • Working on Emotional trauma

If you want to get the full scoop on foundational care, please check out my latest ebook. I go over ALL of the most important points in why we need to heal this way, and how to do so.

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