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Clean Eating does NOT mean dieting!

PLEASE. Please. Stop. Just no. No more.

****CLEAN EATING does NOT mean DIETING****

Dieting is TOXIC, counterproductive, unhealthy, and fuels hatred for oneself. The “LOSE 5 Pounds in 5 minutes” trap is one of the things I hate the most but many of us fall for it because we do WANT to lose weight quickly. But in reality, that is NOT how our bodies are meant to work.

I was looking for recipes yesterday online and I tend to search for “clean eating recipes”. SO MANY OF THESE WERE NOT WHAT CLEAN EATING IS TRULY ABOUT. Clean eating seems to have been hijacked by the dieting community. So many of these recipes were talking about low fat, low calorie, count your calories, etc.

Clean eating is exactly what it sounds like- eating REAL foods, less chemicals, and what feels right to you. Switch out the toxic popular brands for better foods, definitely. But this does not include continuing the OLD, outdated, toxic dieting culture.

Eat REAL foods. Learn to listen to the cues of your body to determine how much to eat. Can I let you in on a secret? The MORE high quality food I eat, the more weight I lose! I spent so much time in the dieting culture when I was a teen and young adult and it completely ruined my metabolism. When I hit with mold illness, I packed pounds back on easily and I started to completely lose my appetite, which made me gain more. As I get out of that issue and eat MORE, I lose MORE!

Of course, it also matters HOW you are using the food you eat, so healing your gut and liver are important too. But stop letting outsiders tell you that you need to starve yourself to be thin. Because being thin doesn’t always equate to being healthy either.  

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