Censorship in the Natural Health Community

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Censorship in the Natural Health Community

Ah, welcome to 2020 where we are living in a real Orwellian nightmare. Never did I think we’d actually be living in 1984, but here we are. I try not to dwell on the negative anymore though and I just do what I CAN do to keep going, but the reality is that censorship in the natural health community has gotten 10000 times worse this year.

Health related pages have it the WORST right now, although it’s progressively getting worse for the last few years. This is one of the main reasons why I moved my group off of FB! The censorship and monitoring was getting out of hand. I had a few hand slaps because of sharing “fake news” as well (which was NOT fake- I still remember one of these posts that had dozens of scientific studies attached to it proving its validity).

A friend of mine asked me last week how they can help my business page online, and it was actually perfect timing as I was planning on making a post about this anyway.

Many sites are losing their social media accounts every day, or just experiencing some level of censorship. Anyone that has a page dedicated to REAL health is often dealing with the worst, and I see this with my own page so much.

I made this list below to help all pages though- if you follow a bunch of awesome people and want to help support them to fight the system then sometimes it’s just as easy as doing the “heart” on FB instead of the “like” button!

I do this for my friends that have business pages and for all of the pages that I personally love. It is also a bit of an energy exchange in a way. If you like the content that you see, just hit like or share it- that let’s us know that we should make more of those types of posts!

Also, be sure to sign up for newsletters of those that you really love! This is one of the only ways to bypass the horrible algorithm on social media and is the only way to be sure we can send you our messages.

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    Thank you so much! I have faith that one day, there will be no censorship. Sometimes things need to happen this way so it can open up people’s eyes and show them what’s really going on.

    How you can Help Us!

    Reduced reach, not showing up in timelines, losing followers randomly- many of us are trying to fight against the algorithms! You can help your favorite pages out though! If you’re scrolling through, just do anything you can for engagement.

    • Like Posts (heart is most effective for FB)
    • Comment on posts when possible
    • Save Insta posts (this counts more than just liking)
    • Use the “see first” on FB
    • Share posts on FB when you can
    • Send Insta posts to friends or your story
    • Like and Retweet on Twitter
    • Repin on Pinterest

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