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Castor Oil Packs and Why I Love Them!

Castor oil packs changed my life!

I’m not exaggerating, I promise! After embarking on the mineral balancing journey over a year ago, I had no idea how important liver health was. I dove straight into my protocol (which attacked copper, and I was copper dumping for about 4 months straight!). I was nursing my son at the time and I was unsure about safe options for liver support so I just figured I could wait til he weaned to figure it out. (Bad idea!)

I started getting liver pains in about February nearly 2 years ago but I was under the impression that anything I did for liver health would make things worse. My worst issue was sleep- even though my son was now weaned and sleeping through the night, I was still waking up almost every hour. It was horrible! I started to dread bed time because what was the point of I couldn’t sleep?!

Enter the castor oil pack in May: wow! First night I did it I slept 9 hours straight. That was the best sleep I had gotten in almost 2 years. The next day I had 2-3 instances of copper dumping– but instead of them lasting for days they only lasted ten minutes. Clearly my liver was already more capable of handling things. Since I started the castor oil packs, I no longer have liver pain, I do not copper dump nearly as often, and my sleep has improved about 90%.

Now I know we are all different, but to me castor oil packs have been the most gentle form of detoxing and liver support that I have tried.  Most other things seem to stir up too much. It is worth a try for those struggling with liver issues and especially copper imbalances.

Why Use Castor Oil Packs?

So what makes castor oil packs so effective?

According to this article by Dr Mercola, castor oil packs are anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti microbial. They help gastrointestinal disorders, help the immune system, keep the lymph system moving, they are great for muscle pains, and they also help with infertility.

Castor oil is known to help with MS, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, all liver ailments, and detoxification.  Castor oil packs are also well-known for increasing T-cell production. They are also effective for those suffering with hormonal imbalances- everything from estrogen dominance/copper issues to infertility!

The Main Reasons why You Should Love Castor Oil Packs

  1. They are anti-inflammatory
  2. They’re anti-fungal
  3. They’re anti-microbial
  4. They can help with menstrual issues
  5. They can help with parasite removal
  6. They increase bile flow
  7. They help to HEAL your liver to function better
  8. They can help with infertility
  9. They’re amazing for supporting detox
  10. They support a healthy immune system
  11. They can help with kidney and adrenal issues as well!
  12. They are one of the BEST lymph helpers
  13. They can support weight loss
  14. They can help with pain management
  15. They are SO easy to use!

How to Use Castor oil Packs

When making castor oil packs, the best options are to get organic, cold-pressed, hexane free castor oil (or at least cold pressed and hexane free like this one) and to use a cotton flannel or an undyed plain white cotton tshirt.

Castor oil packs-to make it as simple as I can: Get the recommended cotton flannel or an old, UN-dyed t-shirt, fold it to fit over your liver area. Then soak the entire material in castor oil, put the soaked pack over your liver and then put a small blanket, old t-shirt, rag or towel over the soaked pack to protect your clothes.

Heating pads or hot water packs are personal choice- I like to lay on my right side with the pack for about an hour and the body heat seems to work. Then relax with the pack for about an hour. You can start out slowly with it, maybe doing ten minutes the first night and slowly increasing until you get to an hour.  Now that I am used to them, sometimes I even fall asleep with them on- that does tend to stain my pajamas but I get such deep sleep!

If you want to clean your skin off, use baking soda and water.  I keep the pack in a sealed jar and add a little more oil each time, and I wash it once a month with a ton of baking soda and hot water.

For best results use at least 4 consecutive days a week. The more consistent you are with them, the more benefit you will get! You can rotate the packs around too- liver, adrenals/kidneys, thyroid, and even the colon if you have constipation.

Some people claim that castor oil packs are great for soothing menstrual pain, but others claim they can increase blood flow. I personally skip the packs during that time of the month, but I leave that choice up to you!

Get started today!

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