Boron Deficiency Symptoms and Solutions

Boron Deficiency Symptoms and Solutions

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Boron Deficiency Symptoms and Solutions

Let’s talk about another mineral that people seem to be severely deficient in- boron!  This must be one of the many minerals (like magnesium and sulfur) that is depleted from our soil.


What is Boron?

Boron is an essential trace mineral that has a huge role in the parathyroid glands. This mineral helps with the proper utilization of both calcium and vitamin D. It also helps in the regulation of the magnesium/phosphorus balance, helps regulate hormones, and is essential for endocrine health. Boron is a major co-factor of magnesium. Boron is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and it has anti-parasitic properties. The RDA is 3mg.

Deficiency signs:

  • Joint issues
  • Hypertension
  • Excess calcium


You can find boron in apples, pears, grapes, prunes, apricots, dates,nettle infusions, honey, borax, and many trace mineral supplements. 


What about using Borax?

A lesser known source of boron is Borax- the household detergent! You can use borax either internally or externally, but for some it’s hard to get used to using laundry detergent as a supplement. It is definitely all about personal preference and what you are comfortable with. I know of many people that use borax internally and have had great results. If this is something you are interested in learning more about, check out this article: The Borax Conspiracy.

With Borax use, people report that it kills parasites and yeast, detoxes fluoride, balances estrogen, and reverses arthritis. The testimonials in the article above are quite amazing and prove that boron is truly an underestimated nutrient. But some say that straight borax is much stronger then getting boron from food. So again- it’s a personal preference. I’m more of a “low and slow” kind of person because I know how rough die-off reactions can get. Boron in higher doses can definitely cause die-off!

***Edited in 12/2017 to add this: I’ve noticed over the last several months a trend with those that take Boron supplements or use Borax- levels on the HTMA rarely rise! Nettle infusions seem to be the most consistent way to fix boron levels as it is a food based form.

Another edit in 11/2019: I am still not loving borax or boron supplements. Food is the only way to actually see a difference in levels. Unfortunately, the HTMA no longer tests for boron though so we can’t monitor levels anymore. Since it’s just a small mineral compared to the others that are tested, it’s not made a huge difference for our clients though.

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3 thoughts on “Boron Deficiency Symptoms and Solutions”

  1. Hi im a korean who live in korea and i got htma and the result was zero boron.
    What shoud i do?
    I saw u were saying nettle infusion was only solution. I dont know What nettle infusion is. Is it nettle tea? Can i buy it from iherb?
    And i know horsetail has thiaminase. Does nettle have it as well?

  2. Hi there!! Nettles are just one way to get nettles- it is a nutrient that is in a lot of foods in trace amounts. Nettles is just the easiest way to get a decent amount of it along with other important minerals needed for proper absorption. This post explains all about what nettles are, and yes you can get organic nettle leaf on iherb: I am not sure about nettles having thiaminase though.

  3. If boron is 0, I’d check parathyroids, PTH, ionized Ca with no turniquet, corrected with albumin and active D 1.25OH

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