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Blogging Tips: Mastering Pinterest for Traffic

So you’ve set up your domain already, have your outline of your topic, and started writing blog posts. What’s next? Traffic!

The next step in my blogging series is going to be about Pinterest and how this can get you the MOST traffic to your new blog. Many people are still depending on search engines such as Google and Bing, but most don’t even know that Pinterest can actually be SO much better for getting you traffic. Mastering Pinterest for traffic is not as difficult as it might seem.

Pinterest itself is actually a search engine like Google- just not as complicated. It’s easy to think Pinterest is a social media platform since it’s usually mentioned alongside other sites like Facebook and Twitter, but it doesn’t work the same way. With the other platforms, you make a post and it’ll eventually disappear into oblivion as time goes on. With Pinterest, your pins will always be relevant if they’re popular.

How to Get Traffic from Pinterest

Earlier this year, I started to really focus more on traffic in general for my other site, and I found that Pinterest is actually becoming the most popular platform for bloggers. There is a lot of free, general advice out there on what to do, but no one ever really tells you specifics on what needs to get done. I came across a pair of bloggers that also had a health blog that started to teach others about blogging. They are Alex and Lauren of Create and Go, and they currently make around $100K a month with their 2 blogs!

It seemed too good to be true at first, but once I started reading about their process and how they got to that point, it all made sense. I decided to invest in myself and buy 2 of their courses that applied to me the best- The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course and 6 Figure Blogger. Since I already had an established blog and many posts, I didn’t go for their Launch your Blog Biz, but that is exactly where I’d start if you’re brand new to blogging and want to make sure you’re doing all of this right! Or you could get all 3 courses in one bundle to get ALL of the info you need to launch your blog, get traffic, and more.

My Experience with Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

It’s been about a month since I finished the whole Pinterest course, and I am so excited to share my progress. These stats are for my other blog, Sassy Holistics, since that is the main one that I have been working on. My daily impressions on Pinterest have doubled- I went from about 9-10K impressions a day to 20K. My monthly impressions have increased 17%. I went from getting 1-2 clicks from Pinterest to my site each day to 100-200 clicks a day. Overall, I am VERY happy with what this course outlines, and I highly recommend it for anyone that is wanting to step to the next level with blog traffic.

The first image below is my overall monthly Pinterest Impressions. The second is the daily impressions over the last month. The third image is from Tailwind (something that this course will teach you all about and why it’s so crucial for Pinterest success!)- my repins have DOUBLED in the last month! I went from about 150 a week and they’ve now hit 305 in this last week.

11/20: I have a feeling I will have to update this post a lot! Since writing this post a week ago, things have started to increase even more. My Pinterest monthly viewers are now at 322K, daily views are at 35K, and my website traffic is has basically doubled since implementing all of the strategies I learned in the Pinterest course. I cannot recommend it enough!

Another update 12/3: Monthly viewers are now up to 448K! We also started another blog, and in just one day we went from 0 to 13K viewers! I seriously cannot recommend these courses enough.

Update 12/30/2020: As of yesterday, I officially hit ONE MILLION Monthly viewers for Sassy Holistics! This was a huge goal of mine. It took a whole year, lots of trial and error, and lots of changes. But the courses with Create and Go were beyond helpful and I still recommend them often! Check out my current stats:

Alex and Lauren are constantly improving and updating their courses as well, plus there is a FB group for additional help. You get SO much content with their courses, and they truly want to help other people succeed. This page goes over everything that is included in the course, and has testimonials from other students as well. What really got me excited was seeing bloggers that I knew and followed already on this page- they took this course and it has clearly helped them!

Sign up for the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course here!

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