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Blogging Tips: How to Get the Most out of Pinterest

So far, we’ve talked about setting up your domain, basic blogging tips, and how to really get better traffic. One of the MAIN ways to increase traffic with your blog is with Pinterest! The absolute best way to master Pinterest is to use Tailwind. I cannot even say how easy it is to use Tailwind! And it’s pretty much essential if you want to have a successful blog these days. Since Tailwind has been such a HUGE part of my success, I decided to become an affiliate for them and share with everyone how I’ve used them to help my own blogs.

Pinterest itself is basically a search engine (not a social media platform like most people assume). Tailwind is the easiest way to schedule pins to Pinterest to consistently to help free up time for you as you write more content, create more programs, or take on clients. Tailwind is also the only official scheduling partner with Pinterest, plus they also offer plans for Instagram scheduling as well!

Why I love Tailwind:

  • It is SUPER easy to use and understand- and they offer a TON of resources when you sign up like videos and free guides.
  • It’s a huge time saver. Instead of taking an hour or more each day manually pinning content, you can schedule a whole weeks worth of pins in maybe 10-20 minutes per week. This frees up so much time to focus on the rest of your business.
  • You get to connect with other bloggers in your niche and share each other’s content, which makes blogging even more fun!
  • It is a big reason why I’ve been able to DOUBLE my Pinterest monthly viewers for my main account- I’ve gone from 200K to 550K monthly viewers, in just the span of 6 weeks.
  • It’s helped increase traffic to my main blog quite a bit. I went from getting 0-1 clicks from Pinterest to my blog a day to 100-200 a day! Update- it is now July and with continuing to follow these tips, I get over 500 clicks from Pinterest each day now, and it continues to rise.
  • You also can track the success of your pins and boards through Tailwind’s analytics so you know what is working best.
  • Please remember that these are MY personal results. Check out this post for more data on typical results of Tailwind users! It’s pretty amazing!

A Glimpse of my Pinterest Analytics:

I started really using Tailwind around the end of October 2019, so you can see that things have just been increasing since then! These are my daily Pinterest impressions. I went from 9-11K a day to about 20-30K a day! Now in July I am averaging 40-50K a day.

If you’re ready to add Tailwind to your blogging toolbox, you can sign up right here!

How to Get the Most out of Tailwind

  • Look for Tribes that truly fit your niche. Don’t just pick a Tribe that has a million members or one that looks fancy. More members doesn’t always mean better Tribe- you have a better chance of having your content seen and shared if you join smaller Tribes that fit your niche perfectly.
  • Make your own Tribe! This doesn’t count for the 5 Tribes you get in the main plan, so it automatically gives you an extra Tribe on your list. You are able to invite other contributors to your Tribe easily as well.
  • Take time to go through all of the FAQ, webinars, guides, and knowledge base info that Tailwind offers. They really set you up for success.
  • Connect with other members on the platform! You can message other members, follow them on their own Pinterest accounts, and share other information with each other, like group boards to join.
  • Download the Tailwind Publisher! This allows you to schedule pins from anywhere on the internet. It is the absolute easiest way to add more pins to your queue, and it gives you unlimited content to chose from.
  • I learned a lot about using Tailwind from the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course that I spoke about in this post. It’s the perfect way to learn about mastering all aspects of Pinterest, including Tailwind.
  • On average, Tailwind users get 6.9x more Repins on Pinterest than those that don’t use it. It really is worth it!

What you Get with A Tailwind Plan

There are a few tiers of plans in Tailwind, so you can always upgrade your plan if needed.

The main plan is $15 per month or $119 a year per account (so you save 33% with a yearly account, plus you get unlimited pins per month, where the per month plan gets you 400 pins per month). You get access to 5 Tribes to join (you get to pick them yourself), plus 30 submissions of your own pins to add to those Tribes each month. This also includes 250 SmartLoop pins, which is helpful to constantly repin your best content. PLUS you have access to analytics to help you determine success of your pins and boards.

There are also PowerUps you can do to upgrade once you start seeing more success. These give you access to even more Tribes to join and more monthly submissions. When you’re just getting started out though, the basic plan is best!

(Some links on this page are affiliate links- if you purchase from them, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.)

If you sign up with Tailwind here, you can get your first 100 scheduled pins for FREE!

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