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How to Heal Histamine Intolerance

When people hear the word "histamine" they most likely think of seasonal allergies, and antihistamine medication. But histamine intolerance is so much more than that and it is becoming extremely prevalent among those trying to heal their bodies. What is Histamine?? Histamine's main job in the body is to create an inflammatory response to tell your immune system that there is something to ... Read the Post

Nettle Infusion Recipes

Many of my readers will know that I LOVE nettle infusions. They truly helped me so much with many of my adrenal related symptoms when I first started them. They also helped resolve my life-long anemia within a few months! To recap the awesome qualities of nettles: Stinging nettles can truly be considered a cure-all. They help with adrenal health, kidney and liver detox, blood sugar ... Read the Post

The Main Nutrients you Miss if you’re Vegetarian or Vegan

When I was around 19, I decided to become a vegetarian. I had read a pamphlet about the benefits of it, especially about how factory farming is cruel and bad for the environment.  I had a whole new perspective on animal foods, plus I had never really liked meat my whole life. So I stopped dairy milk and switched to soy for a while, and then almond (thank goodness I hated the soy).  ... Read the Post