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Breast Implant Illness: A Silent Health Threat

I've had a huge influx of questions about the long term side effects of breast implants, and I knew I had to put together a good resource for those that might be dealing with this issue. Some people aren't even aware that breast implants can create illnesses because like with everything else, there is very rarely informed consent. So what is the big deal about breast implants? Silicone ... Read the Post

The BEST Ways to Get Cleaner Drinking Water

How to get Clean Water There has been so much controversy lately about the state of the water supply in the Western world. It seems that no country is immune to the possibility of having toxic water. America and Australia have been the worst offenders lately. Have you seen all of the news on the junk found in water? Here are just some of the recent reports: Radiation from Fukushima Now ... Read the Post

How Pyroluria is Related to A Copper Imbalance

Pyroluria & Copper Imbalances: Why they are connected and how to properly treat it (Shout-out to the awesome Mineral Maven member that suggested this post, and helped write it!) Pyroluria is a condition I've heard often in my research on copper dysregulation. It's defined as a genetic biochemical imbalance. Yet, from my reading and working with clients who have been given the pyrrole ... Read the Post