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Sassy Holistics Learning Academy

The longer I am in the health world, the more I have realized one huge thing: we have to be our own best advocates! The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to teach others about health. It is important that we learn things on our own, no matter how daunting or hard it may seem. So this is why I started Sassy Holistics Learning Academy. My school is for those that just want ... Read the Post

Censorship and the Natural Health Community

Ah, welcome to 2020 where we are living in a real Orwellian nightmare. Never did I think we'd actually be living in 1984, but here we are. I try not to dwell on the negative anymore though and I just do what I CAN do to keep going, but the reality is that censorship has gotten 10000 times worse this year. Health related pages have it the WORST right now, although it's progressively getting ... Read the Post

Introducing Sassy Moonchild Crystals!

I am BEYOND excited to finally announce something I've been working on this summer: SASSY MOONCHILD CRYSTALS SHOP I started using crystals at the beginning of last year, and they have been such a huge helper in my own healing journey, especially for the emotional healing that has been my biggest focus. One of the BIGGEST issues I see with crystals though is that most people don't ... Read the Post