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My Favorite Earthley Items

A few months ago I decided to finally take the leap and join Earthley as an Earthologist. It takes a LOT for me to trust a company these days and I have been nothing but impressed by Earthley so far! I wanted to put a big post together of some of my favorite items that I have tried so far to give my own personal impression. You can read a bit more about Earthley in my first post on them here. ... Read the Post

Take What Resonates and Leave the Rest

"Take what resonates and leave the rest." This is a very valuable lesson that I learned last year and I'd like to open up conversation about it. The internet is a very triggering place. When we are triggered, a large majority of the time it is because we are not sure how to control our own reactions to things. If we find the need to HAVE to argue, or we get physical symptoms (like anxiety, ... Read the Post

How to Use Discernment

How to Use Discernment Over the last year, there has been one huge lesson that I have learned- it is up to us to discern the truth. After years and years of being lied to by the news, doctors, and those supposedly in charge it's becoming more and more apparent that we need to break free of this particular matrix. We all need to learn how to use discernment so we can figure out what is ... Read the Post