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Why Fiber is our Friend

Why do we neglect Fiber?! When we think about diets and food, we usually think of fat, calories, protein and carbs. Not many people choose their food based on its fiber content but maybe we should start! Fiber is best known for helping to keep you "regular" and to help prevent constipation. You know WHY this is so crucial? Because 90% of the people I come across are chronically constipated. ... Read the Post

All about Nourishing Herbal Infusions

Ditch your multivitamins! These days, you can’t walk into any stores without seeing countless supplements that claim to be great for your health. The truth is that a lot of these supplements are either full of synthetic “nutrients” that our bodies can’t properly process or they are filled with fillers that can cause more symptoms than they are worth. This is where herbal infusions come into ... Read the Post

Quality Protein Sources (and why we need protein!)

Why do we need good quality protein? When people talk about adding more protein to their diet, some automatically think of athletes and gym rats.  But for those with nutritional deficiencies, gut issues, or liver dysfunction, adding protein can be a good addition to your diet. I am all about balance when it comes to diet. I don't like to cut out or overload on any particular food ... Read the Post