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9 Reasons why Beef Liver should be in your Healing Protocol

"Beef Liver" That phrase alone is enough to make some people gag, but seriously- beef liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.  Between fear-mongering about the retinol levels (the study that was done about Vitamin A causing birth defects used synthetic retinol- people have been eating liver for thousands of years with no issues!) , misconceptions about how the liver ... Read the Post

12 Ways that Aloe Vera Can Change your Life!

If any of you have read my whole Healing Journey, you'll know that aloe vera was a huge part of my healing.Β  I had just started getting into natural health and I was using aloe vera along with apple cider vinegar to heal my gut. I had been at the point that I couldn't eat much without pain and doctors were doing absolutely nothing to help me. After a few days on ACV and aloe, I started to be able ... Read the Post

How to Detox Cadmium

With my approach to mineral balancing, I like to help rebuild the person, replenish nutrients, and work on supporting detoxification. Once the body restores metabolic balance, it can work on removing any of the bad things that we might have underlying- this includes heavy metals (like cadmium), parasites, viruses like EBV, and more. We need energy to detox, and harsh methods that involve ripping ... Read the Post