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Sign up to get my Free Chakra Healing Course! If you've been interested in crystals for awhile, you have likely seen a lot about how certain crystals can help with specific chakras. However there is rarely more information on chakras when you are looking to buy the perfect crystal for yourself. Sign up here to get my Chakra Healing Lessons right into your inbox. Each message that you will ... Read the Post

Did you know that our minerals influence our hormones?

Did you know that our minerals influence our hormones? Copper (Feminine) and Zinc (Masculine) Copper- estrogen- feminineZinc- testosterone- masculine When minerals become imbalanced, our hormones can also become imbalanced, and this can also directly influence our internal masculine/feminine balance. We all have an inner masculine and an inner feminine. The goal is to be balanced with ... Read the Post

An Important Update

Yesterday we had a thread in our FB group about that BOO stuff, which is a new MLM product that is trending. Like most MLMs, I do not like this product, and the price alone is enough to make me say “no thanks”. There are many other products that have been around for years that cost MUCH less than this. Make your own decisions as always, but we will not be recommending this here. And hopefully it ... Read the Post