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The Time to Heal is NOW

There has been a recurring message over the last few weeks in the natural health world: The time to heal is NOW. With the world in panic mode, it is starting to become even more apparent that it's time for everyone to start taking more responsibility for their own health and wellness. Many people are incredibly worried about catching the new virus because they have a chronic, underlying ... Read the Post

Unleashing your Inner Healer

Can I tell you a secret? We are all our own healers. We all hold the ability to heal ourselves already- inside of us! No external person or force can do it for you, but they can definitely help you reach your goals more efficiently. Over the last year or so I have been really starting to call myself a "guide" more. Although I do have a degree in nutrition, I've never really taken on a ... Read the Post

Coping with Current Events

We are living in one of the most heated, stressful, traumatic time periods right now. I personally feel the heavy energy, and I am sure many of you do as well. I really just wanted to put something together as a reminder to take care of yourselves. We can get sucked into the drama of the TV too much and forget to live, and it becomes incredibly easy to let this hurt our physical and mental ... Read the Post

Intuition and Research are BOTH Important

I know, you might be like, "ALRIGHT, what prompted THIS post?!" And you'd be right, there has been a huge reason why I feel the need to write this. I've been in the natural health world for almost 8 years now. When I started out, there was not nearly as much info as there is now but it was really easy to just believe everything you read. That we need to supplement everything in high ... Read the Post

Sale on Sassy Holistics Learning Academy!

Over the last year, I have managed to add so many new courses to Sassy Holistics Learning Academy. I am so excited about this, and the excitement I have seen about these courses has been amazing. So from today until the end of May, you can save 10% off on ANY course on the site! Just use the code LEARN2020 at checkout. Courses currently available: How to Heal your Gut NaturallyWhole ... Read the Post