Best Holistic Health Courses and Schools

Best Holistic Health Courses and Schools

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The Best Holistic Health Courses and Schools

Natural and Holistic health are FINALLY getting so popular, and our world is truly making huge shifts! It’s so amazing to see people waking up and starting their own health journeys. Most people that are in the natural health world as practitioners, health coaches, or doctors got there because they were once sick too and they managed to heal themselves. Many of us are empaths, starseeds, lightworkers, and healers that are finally becoming aware of our true path- to help people!

A lot has changed since I first got into this field though. When I first tried to find a school for natural health way back in 2012, there was not much to choose from. Natural health was just only starting to pick up in popularity and there were not many good courses or programs. Luckily, that has changed! There are MANY great schools now so I wanted to make a list for those looking to learn more.

Whether you are hoping to make a new career in health and wellness, or you just want to be knowledgeable so that you can work on healing yourself and your family, there is a course for you!


Herbalism Courses

Herbal Academy

Herbal Academy is perfect whether you are looking to becoming a family herbalist or start your own herbalism business. They have many classes to choose from and many different levels based on your experience. Their courses are perfect for those that are really new to herbs and want to have a basic foundation of herbalism.

I have taken their Introductory, Intermediate, and Entrepreneurial courses and earned a certificate from these! I’ve also taken the Botanical Skin Care course, and I’m currently enrolled in the courses for fermentation and self care. Check out all of their courses here!


Evolutionary Herbalism

I found this site years ago and fell in love with the way they view herbalism. Most people are using herbs in an allopathic way- take this herb for this symptom. This is actually not how it’s supposed to work! Evolutionary Herbalism courses focus on true holistic herbalism and go in-depth on what it truly means to be an herbalist. I am currently enrolled in their massive Alchemical Herbalism course and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I cannot fully express how amazing it is. Check out their site here.

From their site: “We offer in-depth online programs and live workshops on a broad spectrum of herbal traditions with a unique twist. We’re not into surface level herbalism over here – we delve into some of the most ancient and profound systems of medicine from around the world.

You’ll find courses ranging from traditional Alchemy and the art of preparing Spagyric herbal medicines to Medical Astrology. We dive deep into Vitalist Western Herbalism and Ayurveda, giving you a well rounded foundation between the clinical aspects of herbal medicine and the spiritual levels of healing with plant medicine.”



It can be a bit harder to find a real good natural health degree program. This truly depends on what your purpose is and what you want to do with your path. If you are hoping to get into nutrition and herbalism, you have to look at your state laws and see what qualifications you need in order to start this type of business. That is the first step I’d take before looking into a degree program so you don’t chose the wrong path.

I have heard a similar thing from many people that chose the path of getting a degree- you have to be open to realizing that you will likely learn more on your own than you will in a school. Many of these degree programs are old school and not updated, or they do not actually focus on holistic health. Silly, I know. But such is life until people start teaching about true health.


University of Natural Medicine

This is the school I ended up deciding to go with. Since the HTMA lab requires a Bachelors in a health related field I went with the BS in Natural Health Sciences program that they offer. You get to pick and choose a majority of your courses and they do have a lot to pick from luckily. If you are brand new to health, then this will give you a solid foundation in understanding the basics about health and nutrition.

UNM has programs for BS, Master, and Doctorate in Natural Health studies, and they have Masters and Doctorate programs for Body/Mind studies. They are all online based as well. As of 2023, it looks like they are not currently accepting students.


New Eden School

A good friend of mine graduated from New Eden School and had great things to say about their programs. They offer many different programs, courses, and degrees in varying fields like naturopathy, energy medicine, and nutrition. They are also all online. Check their site out here.

Other schools that could be good:



If you are just looking for general courses to help further your education, here are a few places that I love.


Metabolic Healing

I took the Functional Blood Analysis course with Metabolic Healing several years ago and found it to be truly great. It is a great addition for those that offer HTMA as a service since many people still get blood work as well. They have several main courses to choose from and they are are all very in-depth and easy to understand if you are already in the health world. Check their site here.


Sassy Holistics Learning Academy

Yes, I have my own school too! Since I have found it very hard to find truly good and helpful information in trusted places online, I wanted to make courses that could help. I have many courses that are just for everyone, whether you are healing yourself or a practitioner yourself. I also have a massive HTMA training course for pracitioners that want to add this service to their practice as well. Check my school out here!

If you want to use HTMA to help others but are finding it hard to get an account with TEI or ARL (the only labs I recommend), you can take one of the Metabolic Healing courses mentioned above and you’ll be able to order tests from ARL. It’s a bit pricier than directly from the lab, but it’s a solution for those stuck!


Other Courses that are good:

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