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Are ALL Foods Toxic?!

Are ALL Foods Toxic?!

All plants are not bad. All meat is no bad. All dairy is not bad. If you believe this please start listening to you own body and intuition. Quality matters. If you are at the point where you are asking, “are ALL foods toxic?!” then this post is for you.

In the quest for health we’ve gotten to a point where basically everything is demonized. We are always searching for something to blame in the external for our issues. What if this was part of the plan? To create even more confusion in the healing process? Because if we all heal then we can break feee from this false matrix we’ve been imprisoned in and they don’t want that. Let’s get back to basics with healing. Food. Herbs. Less junk. Happiness. Less stress. Stop over complicating everything. 

Over the years, I have had countless people tell me, “OMG HOW can you even recommend xyz?! It’s poison! No one should eat that!”

What I have been told is “poison” so far:

meat, dairy, gluten, histamines, oxalates, FODMAP foods, coconut, fruit, vegetables, sugar, oats, rice, fermented foods, and the list goes on.

ALL OF THIS IS NOT POISON! So I’m sorry/not sorry that I am not one of those that are constantly instilling fear in everyone. One of my MAIN GOALS is to reduce food fear. I have known way too many people over the years that get to the point that they are terrified to eat because of “advice” like the above.

Are there legit intolerances? Absolutely! Should you cut out foods that you are directly reacting to while you heal? Sure! Should you keep eliminating food groups out of fear just because the internet tells you to? Absolutely NOT!

There is usually a trend that happens with food issues: we eliminate 1 thing and then we feel a bit better. Then we start reacting to something else, so we eliminate that too and then feel better, and this keeps going on and on until we’re stuck eating the same 10 foods. Then it can take SO long to reintroduce foods to your diet.

Main notes to remember: QUALITY of the food matters more than anything. You need to heal your gut and liver to help undo the damage from fake foods and deficiencies. Replenishing nutrients is ESSENTIAL. Use your own innate intuition to listen to your body to determine what you should and shouldn’t eat. Fear will not help you heal!

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