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An Important Update

Yesterday we had a thread in our FB group about that BOO stuff, which is a new MLM product that is trending. Like most MLMs, I do not like this product, and the price alone is enough to make me say “no thanks”. There are many other products that have been around for years that cost MUCH less than this. Make your own decisions as always, but we will not be recommending this here. And hopefully it goes without saying but if you are a rep for this or any other MLM please do not try and sell in this group. Thanks.

BUT on that thread there was another important topic that was brought up that I need to address. Several months ago I heard that Microbe Formulas changed the formula for one of their products, MitoRestore. At the time all I had seen was that it was stronger than before, but I didn’t see much else. Some people were having to go slower with dosing (I saw this in their group as this isn’t something we recommend a lot). Apparently the Minerals have been reformulated as well.

Yesterday one of our new members made me aware that it is a lot more serious than this. This new formulation of these 2 items has created a lot of stress for many people, and some have had their healing completely derailed.

We typically don’t recommend these items as much as some of the other MF products. The Biotoxin Binder is the one we recommend most and we see the best results with. At times we recommend the 2 other binders and the Inflammacalm. Since our protocols are a mix of many items, we usually don’t have a heavy focus on the MF items. But at this time we will completely stop recommending several of their items. For now until I see any other issues we will keep the Biotox, Metchem, and Inflammacalm as recommendations for those that we think could benefit from them.

I am a bit frustrated and confused at how MF is changing things this year and not even telling anyone (not even practitioners- I do have a prac account with them and there has been no announcements about these changes or about these issues that are being brought up).

I have been in both their prac group and regular group for a few years now and have seen many people have issues with the MF/Cellcore protocols. This is why I have never been drawn to their entire protocol, nor do we ever use them for our clients. These protocols are generalized (which most of you know I hate!) and are very rough. There is not enough emphasis on nutrition and detox support for pathways (something I actually made a post about in here a few days ago!). I think they had good intentions at first with these protocols but like usual, biochemical individuality exists and generalized protocols are rarely a good choice.

Our HTMA plans have a mix of many different items and brands- Bioray, Earthley, Herb Pharm, Microbe Formulas, Frontier herbs, foods, teas, mineral baths, etc. It’s a lot more effort to personalize plans like this, which is why many people start to make their own generalized protocol to sell to everyone as if we are all the same. We will never do this! It goes against what natural health is all about and it creates so much more stress in the long run.

Please let me know if you have any questions. As always, please do what makes sense for you as an individual. If you are taking these products and feel a benefit then that is great! But if you are taking them and this all makes you uneasy, then it is worth stopping. I’ll make this a blog post on the site too for those that want to share or save it. If I see any updates about MF I will let you all know.

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