Amethyst Crystal Uses and Benefits

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All about Amethyst

Amethyst is probably one of the most common crystals out there, and with good reason! It is quite a powerful stone. It is a crystal that I have always personally been drawn to. Once I started learning about crystals earlier this year, it made SO much sense why amethyst was going to be my main first crystal: it is so incredible for empaths!

Amethyst is well-known for aiding in enhancing our natural intuitive abilities, which makes it incredibly popular for those that are starting to learn more about spirituality and how the Universe has our back. It is a very soothing stone too- it is great for those that tend to suffer with anxiety and restlessness. Amethyst is one of the easiest stones to find too because of its popularity.

I prefer wearing my crystals as jewelry- I feel like wearing them close to my skin works better for me. Even though I have been switching up my crystals every few months this year, I always keep something that is amethyst! I currently have this beautiful bracelet that has amethyst, black tourmaline, and lapis lazuli.

When picking crystals, it is best to do so with your own intuition. Look at the crystal itself first before the descriptions and see what sticks out to you most. This quiz from Energy Muse is SO helpful in guiding us as well, so be sure to check it out!

Amethyst properties:

  • Helps with inner strength
  • Can enhance intuition
  • Can help with calming an anxious mind
  • Very grounding
  • Clears the body of negative energy while attracting postitive energy,
  • Helps to break free of old and stuck patterns
  • Can help with sleep
  • Encourages creativity
  • Can stimulate the crown chakra
Beautiful tumbled amethyst stones

Where to Get Crystals and How to Use Them

The BEST place to get crystals would be at a local store that is reputable. This way you can see and touch the crystals and it is easier to see what sticks out to you most. If that is not possible, then I have good news- I now have my own crystal shop! Check out Sassy Moonchild Crystals here:

You can use crystals in many ways:

  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Carry a stone around in your pocket
  • Some can be placed under your pillow at night
  • Keep some near electronics (like shungite, black tourmaline, etc) to help with EMFs. I have 3 shungite pyramids that I keep near our computers and the Wifi router.
  • Or just keep them as decorations around your home

Some say that the proper way to use crystals is to set your intention with them. I didn’t do this with them myself and they still seem to work well for me. But you can do this by first cleansing them (you can sage them, put them in sunlight or moonlight for at least 4 hours, or you can keep it on top of a clear quartz or selenite crystal as these are self cleansing- it’s ideal to cleanse your crystals at least once a month too to help release the energy they’ve absorbed. Most love doing this at the full moon).

Once you’ve cleansed them, hold your crystal and think about what you really want- less stress? More money? A better relationship with someone? Check out more ideas on this here.

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