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How to Detox Aluminum Naturally

Aluminum is actually a naturally occurring element in our Earth, but its use in everyday products like cookware, antiperspirant, antacids, tap water, vaccines, and bleached flour is making aluminum toxicity a huge issue.

What happens when we get too much aluminum?

Aluminum toxicity is most commonly related to Alzheimer’s disease, but it is also involved in ALS, Parkinson’s, kidney and liver dysfunction, dental cavities, anemia, and peptic ulcers. This metal can also be passed from the mother to their unborn baby in the womb.

Aluminum has a significant effect on the nervous system.  According to ARL labs, aluminum blocks the electrical discharge of nerve cells.  Aluminum inhibits enzymes like Na-K-ATPase in the brain. This metals may also inhibit uptake of important chemicals like dopamine and nor-epinephrine. Other symptoms of aluminum toxicity include loss of coordination, confusion, disorientation and colic (hmm, maybe colicky infants are so common because they receive a vaccine the first day of life? The Hep B has aluminum). (source)

Getting Rid of Aluminum

If you suspect aluminum toxicity, or your HTMA shows that you are excreting aluminum and you want to help get it out faster there are a few things you can do.

  1. Keep your Detox System and Colon clear- Take care of your liver and lymph, stay hydrated, take extra fiber if you can, and keep your kidneys happy. I love Bioray’s Liver Life and NDF Plus for proper heavy metal removal, and the best part is that it won’t be harsh or mess with your mineral balance like typical heavy metal detoxing. Also, BioActive Carbon MetChem is incredible! This formula helps to support the removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins.  It can aid in removal of mercury, lead, Gadolinium, nickel, tin, aluminum, cadmium, pesticides, herbicides, and more. Just like the BioTox, it works in the tissues and organs- not just the GI Tract!
  2. Silica- For our health, we need silica for bone, arteries, cartilage, collagen, and tendon health. It helps to get deep into the tissues to eliminate stored toxins in our cells so it is very important for detoxification. Silica also has a role in heart health, energy production, and tissue healing. You will find this mineral in oats, wheat, and rice, as well as nettles and oatstraw infusions, dandelion greens, alfalfa, avocados, and strawberries. You will also find silica in mineral-rich water (think Fiji Water).
  3. Magnesium– this mineral is extremely important for overall detoxification, especially for heavy metals (source). Magnesium is crucial for ATP production-we use more than half our body weight every day in ATP. Since there are a few nutrients needed for ATP energy production, it’s no wonder why chronic fatigue is so common. Our bodies are trying hard to eliminate toxins but they simply lack the energy needed to do so.
  4. Eliminate aluminum in your environment- stop using aluminum cans and foil, switch your antiperspirant for something less toxic (Poofy Organics has great options!), don’t use bleached flour, stay away from antacids (they don’t solve the issue anyway!) and get a filter for your water that gets rid of aluminum and other heavy metals.
  5. Eat as clean as possible! Reducing your overall exposure to pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones, and antibiotic laden foods will help take the toxic burden off of your body.  Read about my take on the “ideal diet”!

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