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How to Use Triphala for Colon Healing, Weight Loss, and More

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How to Use Triphala for Colon Healing, Weight Loss, and More

One of my classes that I took while I was earning my Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition was a very in-depth class about Ayurveda. It ended up being one of my favorite classes. It was packed full of amazing information, and it really shows that there are so many ancient health systems out there that we’re ignoring.


About Ayurveda

Ayurveda means “the science of life”. The main differences between Western and Ayuverdic medicines are that Western medicine focuses on just treating symptoms and not the whole body and the treatment generally consists of drugs, where Ayuverda focuses on the body as a whole and uses natural treatments to heal the patients. Western medicine also only uses one kind of rational therapy where Ayuverda only considers that to be one part of medicine.

There are 3 doshas, or constitutions, in Ayurveda. The Kapha dosha’s properties are cool, soft, heavy, nourishing, slimy, compact in arrangement, and oily. The Vata dosha’s properties are cool, dry, depleting, rough, subtle, and astringent in taste.  The Pitta dosha’s properties are slightly oily, sharp odor, penetrating, hot, and pungent. You can read a bit more about the Dosha’s here and determine where you fit! Some people are purely one dosha, but some people do end up being a mix of 2.

These doshas can help you determine your nutritional needs as well as what herbs might be better for you. There tends to be a lot of things that are specific to each dosha, but triphala is one of the few herbals that is good for any dosha.


The Amazing Health Benefits of Triphala

The three herbs in Triphala are the three fruits: haritaki, bibhitaki, and amalaki. Triphala is best used for rejuvenating, calming, anti-arthritis, and as a laxative. Triphala is best known as a body cleanser and bowel healer. It can help both of the main bowel issues: chronic constipation or diarrhea. Amalaki (also known as amla) is one of the most nourishing herbs known to man. Haritaki and bibhitaki are also great rejuevenating herbs. Used together, these 3 herbs are incredibly powerful.

Triphala is considered to be a gentle colon cleanser. It is not a laxative per se but it is very helpful for keeping things moving more effectively. Since it is a whole food based supplement, the body tends to do much better with it for long term use instead of actual laxatives and it works on healing the root causes of colon issues.


Popular ways to use Triphala:

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