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Did you know that our minerals influence our hormones?

Did you know that our minerals influence our hormones? Copper (Feminine) and Zinc (Masculine) Copper- estrogen- feminineZinc- testosterone- masculine When minerals become imbalanced, our hormones can also become imbalanced, and this can also directly influence our internal masculine/feminine balance. We all have an inner masculine and an inner feminine. The goal is to be balanced with ... Read the Post

How to Use Beef Liver to Heal your Hormones, Increase Energy, and more!

Beef Liver Health Benefits So I have been recommending beef liver for several years now, and it still one of my favorite supplements. It's incredibly nutrient dense and can help so many health issues. BUT! I know not everyone actually wants to eat beef liver. And honestly, that's ok. As much as I love using food first, I understand that sometimes we have to make compromises. I think ... Read the Post

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Healing your Hormones the Sassy Holistics Way! Hormonal imbalances are so incredibly common these days- so much so that even young kids are dealing with them! A majority of doctors or natural practitioners out there approach hormonal imbalances with actual hormones. I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty about that, but I'm going to share the way that I believe we should be approaching this ... Read the Post