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5 Signs That You NEED to Heal Your Gut!

Healing the gut is the first obstacle we have to go through in order to heal any chronic illness, and it is one of the biggest parts of our foundational care. There is a direct connection between our gut and brain- our gut flora influences brain chemistry.

Overuse of antibiotics, the Standard American Lifestyle, excess sugar, processed foods- these all contributed to leaky gut. What is “Leaky Gut’? Leaky gut is when the walls of the intestine become inflamed and porous, allowing undigested food, bacteria, toxins, and other antigens into the bloodstream.

This creates inflammation (body and brain), food intolerances, and depression, as well as bloating, gas, IBS, constipation, or any digestive complaint. Some people don’t even have gut complaints when they have leaky gut. Their symptoms could just include eczema or psoriasis, maybe joint pain or headaches.

5 Signs You NEED to Heal your Gut

Sign #1: Your Appetite is Wonky

I’ve seen both extremes of appetite issues with those that have gut problems. Some people are constantly hungry because their bodies are desperate for food. Since they are having issues breaking food down, their bodies just keep asking for more so they can attempt to get the nutrients needed. BUT some are on the other end of the spectrum and have very poor appetites. Since the body can’t digest food efficiently, it’s NOT asking for a lot of food. Either way, high or low appetite is a symptom of needing gut support.

Sign #2: Your Hair Keeps Falling Out

We need stomach acid to digest and utilize our protein, and we need protein for creating healthy hair. If you are dealing with hair loss or even thinning hair, it is a huge sign that your digestive fire is low. It’s not a commonly known correlation, but when I see my clients heal their guts then their hair starts growing back! Beauty starts from the inside out.

Sign #3: You’re Constipated

When we’re lacking digestive fire, it is very hard to break down and utilize our food correctly. This can lead to a sluggish GI tract which leads to chronic constipation.

Sign #4: You have food intolerances

If you are constantly needing to cut foods out of your diet just to feel better, this is a HUGE sign that your gut needs to heal. Cutting the foods out only stops the symptoms- it doesn’t actually let your gut heal.

Sign #5: You have nutrient deficiencies

We need stomach acid to properly utilize our nutrients. If you are finding that you’re deficient in several vitamins and minerals, supplementing with them isn’t going to solve the true underlying issue- low stomach acid! When you heal your gut, you can increase the absorption of ALL nutrients at once. Much more effective than supplementing 10+ isolated nutrients.

Ready to heal your gut? The gut healing course will tell you what to do!

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