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Come Join the Fun in Our NEW Group!

I am so excited to finally launch this new group! I’ve been working on it for several months now, and I can finally say that it’s ready.

If you haven’t seen this post explaining why I decided to move off of FB, please check it out. It was time for a huge change, and I really have high hopes for this new platform.

It’s a group site that has everything I wanted and more. Privacy, sub groups and tribes, an easy system for finding posts, messaging among group members, and more. You can connect with other members based on location or topic interest as well. As we get members in there, I’ll make more sub-groups too depending on what everyone wants. It’s actually a group layout too, not a forum!

Plus, the best parts: it will be truly PRIVATE and there will be no censorship!

This new group is going to allow me to help people SO much better. There is no algorithm so we won’t be missing posts. There will be no ability for trolls to get in since it’s a private, paid platform. I can easily answer more people, and conversations will be much easier among us all.

The new site will be a membership program and I have that all set up already. There will be 2 tiers:

The Main Membership: $2.99/month or $30.99/year. You will get access to all of the main topics and sub groups, 1 entry into giveaways when we will start doing them, and my new Foundational Care Checklist. You will also get a 10% discount code for all courses on Sassy Holistics Learning Academy.

The Super Membership: $4.99/month or $54.99/annually. You will get access to all of the main topics and subgroups as well, and several other premium subgroup topics, my Foundational Care ebook, my new Foundational Care Checklist, and 2 entries to each giveaway that we do. Super members will also get 10% off on HTMAs as well.

When you sign up, you’ll also get a short breakdown on how to navigate the site- it’s very user friendly, but I wrote up a little guide to make it easier to get used to.

What this group will have:

  • An easier system of finding posts by topic
  • A way to connect with other members based on interest or even location
  • Potential for Live videos and group chats for ALL of us to connect at once
  • The ability to access the group on a browser or app
  • Sub-groups that offer an easier way to communicate your needs. Recipes, energy healing, women’s health, and men’s health are among the many sub-groups I’ve created so far. I can add more as requested too.
  • A private, safe place where we don’t have to worry about trolls
  • More direct contact from myself
  • Easier communication (FB has been limiting post reach for natural health groups and pages for over a year now- this new group will NEVER do that)
  • Giveaways every quarter for exclusive prizes!
  • Monthly holistic health topics where I’ll expand on how to apply them to your life

I look forward to seeing you all there! I highly recommend you join on a web browser as that is more affordable. If you’d like the app, just go to your app store and search for Mighty Networks. Once that is downloaded, search for Sassy Holistics and then sign in- that’s it! Easy, peasy.

Once we start getting more people in there, we’ll vote on a time for our first group chat!

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