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How to Support Detox Pathways Naturally

There is an Order to Healing!

Many people are jumping over to the natural health world, which is AMAZING! I am so excited to see how many people are finally waking up to the fact that convenvtional medicine isn’t there to make us healthy.


I am also seeing a huge trend that needs to be a addressed: people are being led into strong and heavy detoxing almost immediately on their healing journey. Let’s talk about why this isn’t always the best idea!

Whether you are trying to detox heavy metals, Candida, Lyme, EBV, parasites, or anything else- you HAVE to work on detox pathways. You cannot just go in and kill, chelate, or purge without having pathways open.

If you take something to kill off Candida, for example, and you’re not support pathways then more often than not you will not actually ELIMINATE the toxic waste that will be created.

If we were healthy to begin with, we wouldn’t be overloaded with toxins! We have to work on HEALING first and then our bodies can eliminate these toxins. Plus, we rarely have ONE thing going on in the body too. If you’ve been told you have Lyme, then it’s rarely ever JUST Lyme that you have. There are likely co-infections like bartonells and babesia, viruses like EBV, and then definitely parasites (as they seem to be a common denominator in all of these illnesses).

When we work on healing first and foremost, especially with foundational care, then the body can start healing everything at its own pace.

As you get stronger, THEN you can add in specific things to kill off these infections or to detox heavy metals. I cannot even tell you the amount of people that have come to me and said, “I went to a naturopath, and got put on all of these supplements for detoxing, and now I can’t function.” They often have completely tanked minerals, stressed out adrenals, and sometimes they even acquire sensitivities to foods and other items. I’ve seen people take up to a WHOLE YEAR to recover from instances like this.

This is why I try SO HARD to promote foundational care and gentle healing!

We did not get sick in a day- it will take a LONG time to properly heal, and there is no way to speed this up. I’m sorry/not sorry. It’s just the truth. Many of us are healing generations of physical and emotional health issues. They’ve literally been building up for decades. As nice as it would be to heal in a month, it just is not realistic at this point.

Healing requires patience, faith, determination, and lots of grace with yourself. It’s a lifestyle change, but is it SO worth it- and essential to help heal the current and future generations.

We often have to work on adrenal healing and nutrient replenishment FIRST before jumping into heavy detox.

How to Support Detox Pathways

Once you are ready for adding in detox support, you don’t have to go super hard. There are many ways to gently support detoxing that won’t stress your body out as much as a cleanse would.

The main pathways to work on are-(click on the word to learn more about each pathway):

Learning more!

If you are ready to work on detox support, I have an entire course on how to properly do this. You will learn about the detox pathways, how to properly support detox, and what to do if you have detox reactions. PLUS I talk a lot about how to go low and slow in order to prevent massive detox reactions.

OR if you are new to healing, you can jump right in and get my Foundational Care Course, which is 3 of my top courses all in one. You’ll learn about gut healing, whole food nutrition, AND detox support. You can save $15 if you get this bundle too as opposed to buying them separately! This course comes with several bonuses too: extra lessons, a few guides, and all of my personal tips for healing that I use for my own clients.

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