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Why I am Moving My Group Off Of FB

Several months ago, I decided to make a big move- I will be taking my private group off of Facebook and move it over to my own private site. I started Mineral Mavens over 4 years ago, and we’re grown to 13,000 members in that time. It’s been an amazing run, but there are several main reasons I’ll be making the move

Lack of Privacy on Facebook

I saw a page on FB in October or November that goes into private health related groups, takes screenshots, posts them on their public page, and mocks the people that are posting about their private health issues. Many of the groups were ones that I am personally in and that hit way too close to home.

This pretty much put the last nail in the coffin for FB for me. Some of these people on the posts where claiming they’ve contacted CPS if the post concerned a child. This is absolutely disgusting (and must be nice for all of these people to have so much time on their hands!).

Anyone can join FB, and it’s full of trolls. Since it is a free site and super easy to just make multiple accounts with random emails, it has become a huge site for spam and trolls. I’m personally tired of that aspect, and I think people deserve a SAFE place to talk about their health issues without worrying about trolls.


UGH. Facebook has turned into the ultimate Big Brother, and I AM DONE. DONE, I tell you! All natural health groups and pages are monitored to make sure they aren’t sharing “fake news”. Many pages are now getting notifications that their reach is being limited because of all of the “fake news” they are sharing, and some pages are just being deleted completely.

Don’t believe me? This is what it shows in my group, under a tab called “Group Quality”:

Plus, in the last month or 2, my public business page was given a banner that says “This page shares information about vaccines. For real information, check the CDC website.”

Yea, no thanks. I’m not going to wait around until we get completely shut down, or worse. And people deserve to be in a SAFE place where they don’t have to worry about being monitored like children.

I’ve actually had a few people say, “You need to stay and fight the system!!” OK, well that’s going to be hard IF WE ARE ALL DELETED FROM THE PLATFORM. I want to make a site where we will have the freedom to talk about anything, without the fear of being reprimanded for just telling the truth.

That’s not giving up- that’s being smart. And since we won’t be restricted in what we say, it’ll be easier to talk more freely about topics that are currently being censored on FB.

This new site is SWEET!

It’s a group site that has everything I want and more. Privacy, sub groups and tribes, an easy system for finding posts, integration with courses, messaging among group members, and more. You can connect with other members based on location or topic interest as well. As we get members in there, I’ll make more sub-groups too depending on what everyone wants. It’s actually a group layout too, not a forum!

Plus, the best parts: it will be truly PRIVATE and there will be no censorship!

It’s Time for Change

I have been running this group pretty much by myself for over 4 years, while I run a business, write for my website, raise my son, and have some semblance of a social life. I have put hundreds or thousands of hours, countless moments of my life, into this group for free. While I love helping others, I have had a very, very large amount of people over the years that have taken advantage of my kindness. I want to create a place where everyone actually wants to be so they can learn how to heal themselves. This will also free up so much time for me because we will have NO trolls or risk of being monitored.

I’ll be paying for this platform so I can keep it a safe place, and there will be tiered memberships that will have different levels of content and access to the group. I am currently in the process of making some of this content, so I am really hoping to have this whole group up on January 2020.

I am still unsure if I will leave the FB group up and just archive it so people can still access posts, or if I will delete it altogether. I would prefer NOT to leave it up because then people can still go in there and take screen shots to share elsewhere, which is one of the main reasons for me making this change. Once I figure that out, I will announce it. I will be keeping the public business page up for Sassy Holistics though, at least as long as it’s not targeted even further.

In the meantime:

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