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The Importance of Goals while Healing from a Chronic Illness

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I had this conversation about goals while healing in my Mineral Mavens group a few months ago, but it is really something that needs its own post.

Many people get consumed in their symptoms on a daily basis and it is hard to think about the future, and what you might want to accomplish once you are fully healed. Getting hit with adrenal issues (and everything that comes along with them) forces people to take a step back and make huge lifestyle changes.

What is your purpose for healing? What are you going to do when you are back to 100% health? For many, I’m sure just to get healthy is the goal but what are you going to do with that health?

Will you write a book? Take up a sport, or even a dancing class? Will you buy a patch of land and start your own farm?

Whatever you might want to do, make sure you think about it every day and remember that you WILL get better and you WILL achieve your goals!

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