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Hi everyone!

I decided to add back an email newsletter finally. Right now, if you are subscribed through WordPress, you are only getting alerted to new posts. The regular newsletter will be a lot better! I’ll be able to alert you all better to new posts, remind you about awesome older posts, and keep you up to date on any sales or specials going on.

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And once you sign up, you’ll get my 10 page General Health Guide that outlines all of the most important aspects of health to address.

Thank you to all of my followers that have been with me for so long- I still can’t believe Sassy Holistics is nearly 5 years old!

Please be sure to confirm your subscription too or you’ll miss out!

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My name is Kristin, and I've been on the path to help people achieve better health using whole food nutrition, mineral balancing, and holistic healing principles for almost 7 years now. The body is a whole and we must treat it as such! I have my Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, certificates in Herbal Studies from Herbal Academy, and I am constantly learning more about health to help my clients and followers.