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Microbe Formulas 120 Day Detox Protocol

I decided to write this post after I got my post up on the proper order of BioRay products. Like I mentioned in that post, it would always be ideal to get someone to do a full plan with HTMA and one of our consultants. That is the BEST way to determine what a person needs as an individual so that we can focus on the whole picture: nutrients, gut healing, detox support, and more. But I know that sometimes people either don’t want to get an official plan, or they prefer doing things on their own (I was like that myself for years

Microbe Formulas is a very popular company right now, and they are one of the few I trust quite a bit. Their products have proven quite strong and helpful for many of my clients, and I am glad that there is such an amazing herbal protocol for chronic issues.

The whole program has been created to be easy to follow, and it helps with addressing some of the biggest issues that people are dealing with when they are healing: bowel moving, binding of toxins on a systemic level, and kidney and liver support. When we find out that we have an infection or heavy metals, we tend to go straight into ATTACK MODE. But we cannot do this for proper healing. We have to get pathways open and do things in an order that the body can handle the detox.

The program contains:

  • 6 bottles of Intestinal Mover
  • 6 bottles of BioActive Carbon Foundation
  • 4 bottles of Kidney & Liver Detox
  • 4 bottles of Lymphatic Detox
  • 4 bottles of Mimosa Pudica
  • 4 bottles of BioActive Carbon BioTox
  • 3 bottles of Formula 1
  • 3 bottles of BioActive Carbon MetChem
  • INSTANT access to exclusive Premium content
  • Over $300 worth of savings!
  • Included in our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The whole program is $1474 (a savings of 20% if you buy it all together- buying everything individually would be $1848 total, so huge savings when you get it all at once).

Order the Whole Program Here and read more, including the full instructions on how to follow the protocol!

A breakdown on what some of these supplements do:

  • The BioActive Carbon BioTox : This is one of the most effective and comprehensive binders out there. Right from the site: ” It is formulated specifically to support binding biotoxins like mycotoxins from mold, ammonia from bacteria, and parasites and other byproducts from yeast, fungi, and viruses.” It helps to remove mold, sulfur, candida, ammonia and aldehyde systemically (not just in the GI tract like activated charcoal- it also is less likely to interfere with absorption of nutrients like activated charcoal). It works in tissues and organs to get toxins out while aiding the body in balancing critical minerals that can be lost in the process of detox.
  • BioActive Carbon MetChem: This formula helps to support the removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins.  It can aid in removal of mercury, lead, Gadolinium, nickel, tin, aluminum, cadmium, pesticides, herbicides, and more. Just like the BioTox, it works in the tissues and organs- not just the GI Tract!
  • The Lymph Detox: This formula contains some herbs that can be found in Essaic tea that is often used in cancer protocols. The lymph is an important drainage system in the body that is not getting enough love these days.
  • The BioActive Carbon Foundation does a lot of the same as the BioTox and MetChem, but it focuses more on radiation, viruses, and retroviruses. It still helps with some heavy metal removal, but it doesn’t have the same benefit for the infection by-products as the BioTox.
  • The Intestinal Mover: This is exactly what it sounds like: it helps to keep your colon moving, which is the most essential part of detoxing effectively. It has classic colon healing herbs like aloe vera, cayenne, garlic, and clove. If you are trying to do a parasite detox but you are prone to constipation, this can help with keeping things moving smoothly.
  • Mimosa Pudica: This is one of the most potent parasite cleansers out there. I highly recommend working on increasing bowel function and healing the adrenals first before diving into Mimosa.
  • Formula 1: This was designed to be a strong support for the immune and digestive systems.
  • Kidney and Liver Detox: This one is pretty self-explantory. This helps to keep your kidneys and liver functioning to handle all of the detoxing going on.
  • You can learn more about these here!
  • Microbe Formulas also has the Detox Dollars program where you can earn points to use on future purchases! It should show up on the bottom left of the screen when you are on a product page.

Not sure if you want to use BioRay or Microbe Formulas?

Honestly, they are both great. I have used BioRay for much longer in my practice for, nearly 5 years now, and Microbe Formulas I only started using last year. I have seen great results in clients with both of these companies. The biggest difference between them is that BioRay makes tinctures, and MF uses capsules. Tinctures can be easier to use to start more slowly and regulate dose, but you can open up most of the MF capsules to mix in liquid (except the Mimosa- that has to be mixed with a fat, not liquid). Both of these systems address a large majority of issues going on (gut, liver, detox support, heavy metals, and pathogens). You could also choose to mix and match them depending on what you are looking for!

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