Flash Sale on Perfect Supplements’ Beef Liver!!

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Get more energy for summer with beef liver!!

From now until 6/21 you can save 15% off Perfect Desiccated Liver (use Coupon Code: SUMMER15 at checkout)

Details on the sale:
*Can Be Combined With Volume Discounts
*Sale Ends at Midnight PST on 6/21
*Cannot be combined with my SASSY code

The savings, especially with the Volume Discounts, really add up.  If they buy 6 bottles of Desiccated Liver, it works out to just $11.52 a bottle.  Remember, they do 120 capsules per bottle – so a really great deal on grass-fed beef liver!!

**Check out the Perfect Desiccated Beef Liver here!**

Why Beef Liver?

  1. As far as livers go, beef has the most bang for its buck.
  2. It has vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 and folate, and minerals such as zinc, copper and iron.
  3. Beef liver has the most bio-available form of copper. If you think about that, it makes sense why so many people are suffering from copper dysregulation these days: because who grew up eating liver regularly??
  4. It’s an excellent source of CoQ10
  5. It has an unidentified anti-fatigue factor (pretty sure it has to do with its nutrient content!)
  6. Helps your immune system stay strong
  7. Eating liver helps our livers work better as well
  8. Helps to speed up the metabolism (which is great for slow oxidizers!)
  9. It is amazing for female hormonal balance- helps those in menopause, those with PMS, and even those with irregular cycles

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