HTMA Class Information: Learn all about the Sassy method of mineral balancing!

HTMA Class Information: Learn all about the Sassy method of mineral balancing!

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Sassy Holistics/Mineral Mavens Academy Program Outline

This course will be covering the following topics:

1) Introduction to HTMA

2) The Main HTMA Ratios

3) The Four Main Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium)

4) The Next Four Main Minerals (Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Iron)

5) Other Mineral Info (The rest of the main minerals on the test0

6) The Main Heavy Metals

7) Gut Healing and Detoxification

 You can now enroll in this class whenever you’d like to learn at your own pace! Learn more here!

What you will accomplish in this program:

My goal with this course is to give the absolute essentials needed to read and interpret HTMAs, and give you the confidence and knowledge needed to help others that embark on a mineral balancing protocol. My approach with HTMA uses a true holistic outlook with whole food nutrition and healing the body as a whole. There will be a test towards the end of the course that will outline the most important aspects of the course- and it is not a graded test, just something to help reinforce key lessons.

For those with the ability to get your own lab account (I highly recommend TEI, but ARL is also good), you should be able to start your own HTMA consulting with your own account. (*)

*Please keep in mind that some states/countries have restrictions on who can order HTMAs. For example, in the USA, New York state does not allow HTMA (as well as many other health related tests). Check with the labs to see if you are able to order from them first. The labs are pretty lenient with who can open an account with them too, so I recommend calling or emailing them to find out if you qualify. This course is best for those that are already health practitioners of some sort, or for those that really just want to learn more about minerals even if you don’t plan on starting a practice of your own.

I highly recommend doing some more holistic nutrition courses as well to further your knowledge in this area. Never stop learning!

More information:

The current price for the course is $650. There will be other general examples of HTMAs to view in the course. Thanks for your interest, and I am very excited at being able to share this knowledge about HTMA and holistic nutrition with others.

Sometimes we have a live class as well, but the course itself is at your own pace right here if you prefer that!

Stay tuned for future live classes! Each session is recorded and emailed over by the next day (so if you are in a different time zone or just can’t make it, you can still do the class). I will also have all of my notes that accompany each week’s topic to send over.

The course will be on a live call on a weekly basis and I will be recording and emailing each call to the participants to keep for future reference. I will also be making a Facebook Group for practitioners for continued support. If you are in a very different time zone then you will have the option to just sign up to get the recordings of the class as well as entrance into the Facebook group.

This class is best for individuals that are already in the health/nutrition field that want to add HTMA to their practice, or for those that just want to learn more about minerals and holistic nutrition.  This class does not guarantee a lab account for ordering HTMAs. 

What people are saying about this course:

” Loved the class!  Definitely helped me understand HTMA more and I love your approach to balancing minerals with food and letting the body heal in its own time on its own schedule. I still don’t understand how you know if a mineral is actually what the HTMA says or its being dumped, but I need to study more on my own and look at lots of HTMA’s.  I also love that you have tried everything that you suggest and I plan to do the same.  I won’t recommend something unless I have tried it.  Thanks Kristin!!!”

“Kristin, I cannot thank you enough for providing such an informative and
well-structured course on mineral balancing. The course has given me a strong understanding and wealth of knowledge when reading and interpreting Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. The biggest thing I have learnt is to use Whole Food Nutrition for best results when embarking on a mineral balancing protocol. Whole food nutrition is far more superior and results in better outcomes than synthetic products/supplements and isolated nutrients (and I can attest to this in my own mineral balancing journey).
Using HTMA and working personally with Kristin has made the biggest
impact on my own health and I am truly grateful for Kristin’s passion and
level of expertise in this field.”

“This course was very well done.  It did help me understand so much more about balancing the minerals and understand why certain people will react they way they do based on what comes back in their tests.  I’m glad you recorded everything and I noticed you put the chat screens up on some of them too.  I think that will be so helpful to go back over as I start analyzing tests.”

“Most balanced HTMA class I have ever taken, plus there is such a bigger focus on actually using food, herbs, and more holistic ways to heal instead of popping 20 pills a day. Having gone through the HTMA process with Kristin personally myself, I found this class to be enlightening and I understand the WHY behind it all so much better now. This course is for those that was a more modern take on mineral balancing and for those that want to break free from the protocols, synthetic supplements, and isolated nutrients. This class is packed with info, especially considering the price- most other classes out there are more than double the price and still don’t explain things this well!”

“Kristin’s class was incredibly informational and was made easy to understand even to a novice. She made sure to answer any question posed and was very pleasant to work with. I would recommend her class to anyone interested in HTMAs or just the body’s minerals in general.”

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